Top 11 Accounting Resume Skills To Include

accountant resume skills

Resume Writing for a target job requires a clear understanding of the job’s skills and proficiencies. A well-designed resume skills section, highlighting your relevant skills for an accountant position, can help beat the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). ATS is the first step to getting your application noticed. Here we bring to your accounting resume skills and proficiencies below to help you effectively write your resume

accountant resume skills

What Are The Skills For An Accountant?

Given below are the top 11 skills for an accountant. Adding these skills portrays you as a perfect candidate in the eyes of a recruiter.

1. Accounting

Accounting skills and abilities are certain practical skills that are useful in any business, big and small. So, those with an accounting aptitude are typically detail-oriented and are good in analysis as well as logical thinking.

Thus, accounting skills are not just about mathematics, they are also about logic and analysis.

2. Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is a sector of finance that deals with sources of funding, as well as the capital structure of corporations. Furthermore, the actions that managers take to increase the value of the firm to the shareholders, as well as the tools and analysis used to allocate financial resources, are also a part of corporate finance. An accountant must be adept in corporate finance tasks.

3. Reporting Skills

Maintaining financial records,
Preparing financial statements and reports,
Assisting with audits.

These are the roles that every accountant is usually expected to perform. So, you must have well-developed reporting skills.

A well-written report that demonstrates your ability to: understand the purpose, brief and adhere to its specifications; make appropriate conclusions, well supported by the evidence, and analysis the report is a must. So, cultivate reporting skills and add them to your resume.

4. Sound Knowledge of Tax

The main duties of an accountant involve filing tax returns, handling payroll tax, sales tax, etc. Therefore, a background in finance is helpful. It provides you with a sound knowledge of taxes.

If you possess any training or certification that confirms your knowledge, do add it to your resume.

5. IT Skills

In the fast-paced tech-savvy world, technical skills are valued in every industry these days. So, ensure that you add a few of them. Moreover, a fresher may have an advantage over experience holders due to technical skills. Be an up-to-date technology expert.

Here are some IT Skills for accountants-

Expertise in MS Office
Data Entry Operations

6. Attention To Detail

Accounting demands precision. the presence of mind is a must when handling detailed information. Therefore, an account must inculcate this quality. So, a good accountant must not neglect the slightest of details. You just cannot afford this. Paying attention to detail is one of the most important skills for an accountant. If you possess it, highlight it on your resume.

7. Account Analysis

Account analysis is a process wherein detailed line items in a financial transaction or statement are carefully examined for a given account. This surely has to be carried out by an auditor or accountant.

Account analysis can help identify trends as well as give an indication of how a particular account is performing.

So, to be a successful accountant you must be adept in carrying out such procedures.

8. Data Entry Management

An account must be a pro in data entry work. Preparation and maintenance of records is a part of the everyday work of an accountant. Accountants are expected to transcribe information into a computer or other electronic devices. For this again expertise in certain accounting software is required.

Check out the technical skills mentioned above. Incorporate the relevant ones to your resume.

9. Communication Skills

To be able to communicate your ideas well is a virtue valued in every sector. Both written and verbal skills are a necessity in this sector.

With poor communicative skills, your job not only becomes harder, but it can also put your accounts at risk.

Furthermore, you need to understand well what other professionals (such as manager, auditor) are telling you. When you are at a superior job position, you will need communicative skills for the proper delivery of directions.

So, a good accountant must be efficient at listening carefully and talking to colleagues and clients.

10. Teamworking Ability

It is the key requirement for any professional. You must collaborate and work as part of a team.

Teamwork can be in an acute setting, a personal accountant or it could be within the wider system. Either way, your ability to interact and build relationships with colleagues is important. It maintains a harmonious working environment. Therefore, it’s vital to be a team player.

11. Problem-Solving Skills

An account manager works to gather clues and issues and then work towards a cause and solution. Therefore, in order to fit well in this field, you must be a problem-solver.

Undoubtedly, your training provides you with the technical knowledge you require to understand the accounting details, but the ability to resolve issues and construct an internal algorithm wherein you implement that knowledge is a skill. And this has to be cultivated and developed.

How to write the Accounting Resume Skills Section?

In addition to the skills section, accounting resume skills summary, as well as job descriptions, are a perfect place to flaunt your accounting skills.

Before you move on to crafting the sections, scan the job advertisement for keywords.

Note the requirements.

Now analyze your past experiences for qualities and instances that match the requirements.

Include them in your resume.

Always remember that a resume must be customized. A generalized resume fails to pass the ATS and does not even impress employers. So, do your research well. Add resume keywords. Format for ATS.

Attach a cover letter to your application. Add the above-mentioned skills. Your resume will surely land you more jobs. We wish you luck with your oncoming job interview!

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