The chief destination to find just about anything on the world wide web(www), in today’s digital world, Google-THE BIGGEST INTERNET GIANT. Few know about the genesis of the so-called Internet giant i.e., Google, the journey of Google and also about the amazing people behind the miracle of this century.


Google was invented by computer scientists namely, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It doesn’t sell anything you could pick up and put in your pocket. Although we never pay Google any money directly, yet now, according to the latest earnings report- Alphabet(Google’s parent company). Consequently, has a market capitalization larger than that of Apple’s. Hence, the most valuable company in the world, a net worth nearly $520billions (£362billions).

How GOOGLE got its final name- GOOGLE OF TODAY

Initially, Page and Brin nicknamed their new search engine as “BackRub because this system checked backlinks in order to estimate the importance of a site.

Finally, they changed the search engine’s name to Google. This name originated from a misspelling of the word “googol”. The 100 zeros followed number 1. It thus, signified that google was intended to provide large quantities of information.

Now, Google LLC, full name, is an American multinational technology company. It specializes in services and products related to the internet. Google has a vast range of services including search engine, online advertising technologies, cloud computing, software, and hardware. It is one amongst the ‘Big Four technology companies’- which are Amazon, Apple, and Facebook.

the journey of google

Early HISTORY of Google- JOURNEY of Google

To begin with the history let us know about the founders. In January 1996, Larry Page and Sergey Brin began as a research project when they were Ph.D. students at Stanford University(Stanford, California).

While conventional search engines ranked results by counting how many times the search terms appeared on the page, the two theorized about a better system that analyzed the relationships among websites. They called this new technology PageRank; it determined a website’s relevance by the number of pages and the importance of those pages that linked back to the original site.

Earlier, Google ran under Stanford University’s website(domains were and

The domain name was registered on September 15, 1997.

In August 1998, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, Andy Bechtolsheim, also a former PhD student at Stanford wrote a check for $100,000 to Page and Brin. Eventually, Google Inc. officially started on September 4, 1998. Its office was in the garage of Susan Wojcicki(a friend also the CEO of YouTube) in Menlo Park, California. A class fellow Ph.D. student at Stanford, Craig Silverstein, was hired as the first employee of Google.

1999(February)- Google again relocated to a new office in the neighboring city of Palo Alto,

2001- First international office in Tokyo,

Moved to its headquarters along with over 800 employees, three years later- Googleplex (today).

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New services and products were launched, which included launch of Gmail service.

Further History- Growth and Journey of Google

From 2005 onwards, Google kept on launching new service strings including Google Earth, Google Analytics, Google Maps and Google Talks;

2006- Google Calendar and Google Translate in 2006;

In meantime, the company also earned a number of businesses, including the accession of YouTube in 2006; got launched in China. Launching of Google Apps or the G Suite.

2007- its mobile operating system Android and also online advertising company – DoubleClick.

2008- Google Chrome,the web browser; partnership announcement with Yahoo.

2009: Brin and Page were ranked world’s fifth amongst the most powerful people;

2010 onwards- Google is acquiring at least one company every week, on an average. Nexus One- Google’s first android phone in market in 2010.

2011: Launched Google +1. Released Google Cloud Platform. Larry Page becomes CEO.

2012: Introduction of new project – Project Glass. Launched Google Drive and Google Play.

2013: Launched the chat platform – Hangouts and also Chromecast.

2014: Bought Nest, manufacturer of Wi-Fi enabled automated thermostats, smoke detector systems and also other security systems.

2015: Announced its operations and also its ventures into a conglomerate, Alphabet. Now, Google managed a profusion of services from various biotech businesses; focused on increasing human lifespan till manufacturing various internet connected devices along with internet services. Google now announces reorganizing as a holding. Larry took over as the CEO of Alphabet, while Sundar Pichai is declared as the new CEO of Google.

2016: Launched deep learning courses at- Udacity. Eventually, the parent company, Alphabet, gets beyond Apple as the most valuable company of the world with a total net worth of $568 billion.

Google till present

2017- Now, on Sep 21, 2017, HTC announced a “cooperation agreement”. Over there it would sell non-exclusive rights to defined intellectual property, as well as the smartphone talent, to Google for about $1.1 billion.

Google made its first investment in India on Dec 6, 2017. This Benguluru-based startup received an amount of $12 million investment in Google’s series B funding round.

2018- Google led a Series C funding round into the online-to-offline fashion e-commerce start-up Fynd, on March 29, 2018, making it its second direct investment in India with an amount undisclosed. Furthermore, Google is also looking to make an ecosystem in India, this way.

Also on Aug 23, 2018- Google deleted 13 Google+ accounts, 39 YouTube accounts, and 6 blogs on the Blogger. Because these accounts were engagement in politically motivated phishing.

So, this was google’s journey from the scratch. Do share your views in the comment section below.

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