Best 3 Programmer Resume & Cover Letter Samples

programmer resume writing

Are you hunting for a perfect programmer resume? Do check out the downloadable resume format samples and expert advice below for some guidance. These resumes are HR-approved. So, they will help you crack most of the interviews. The best programmer’s resume highlights the qualifications, skills, and accomplishments.

programmer resume writing

When you are applying for your programming career, your resume has to be as clean as your code. Here you will find an entry-level programmer resume as well as a resume for an experienced programmer.

Eye-Catching Programmer Resume Samples

An ideal resume for a programmer must have-

  • A resume summary that hooks the reader.
  • Enough of white space.
  • Relevant Skills that are incorporated into various sections.
  • Accomplishments rather than duties
  • Keywords that make it optimized for ATS.

To outshine as a programmer, check out these sample resume for an entry-level computer programmer as well as an experienced one. These will give you an idea of how to make your resume for a programmer position. Moreover, you can download these samples for free. Simply click on the download button to download the file. The downloaded file will be compatible with google docs and MS Word.

Entry-level Programmer Resume

This resume is for an entry-level programmer. You can also use this as- programmer resume with no experience.

Entry-level Programmer resume

Senior Programmer Resume Template
Programmer resume template

Programmer resume sample


Programmer Resume Cover Letter

Here is a matching cover letter that you can attach to your resume. Also, find out the tips and guidelines below.

Programmer Resume Cover Letter

Programmer Resume Writing Tips

Once you have successfully chosen your favourite resume template/format, it is time to edit. So, first, read our experts’ advice to create a job-winning resume.

Being a programmer, you most probably possess several impressive software development skills. Moreover, extensive knowledge in mathematics, physics, and several other analytical disciplines makes you all the more perfect for this job. Expertise in designing technically sound and efficient programs makes you apt for any IT sector. Trust me any recruiter would love to hire such a candidate. But at times our resume fails to create the right impression. But this won’t happen this time.

With so much to your credit, you are left wondering- what to include and what not?

No worries!

Here we bring to you tips and suggestions that will help you go through the resume writing process flawlessly.

So, follow our resume tips. Write your programmer resume easily. Your resume will get you noticed, and multiply your chances of winning your dream job.

1. Create the Ideal One-page Resume

The world is moving at a fast pace. Trust me, employers and recruiters are moving still faster.

Well, jokes apart. Seriously your hours of labour get analyzed in just a few seconds. Most of them say just 6 seconds. Hiring managers and employers are not to be blamed. They have hundreds or at least dozens of resumes for every job opening.

Therefore, we suggest you choose a single-page resume. The main reason behind is that there is a possibility that a two-page resume will not be read in full.

Now, reducing the length of the resume is challenging.

The best way is to drop all the irrelevant things. Next, you can do so by reducing the work experience. Firstly, you need not list everything. Your last 10 years of the same career is sufficient. Secondly, create sentences that are short. Use action-driven language and provide in-depth knowledge of your experiences.

2. Emphasize Your Technical Skills

Listing every possible skill and creating a heap in this section is certainly not wise. So, the best trick, however, is to list relevant skills that match the industry.

Do not add jargon. At times employers are not that aware of your position’s specific details.

Space out everything. This, makes it easier for recruiters to assess your abilities. You should keep the following in mind-

  • Clearly, state relevant skills. Put them towards the beginning of your resume. Usually, skills come towards the end but for a technical job like this one they are important.
  • Show how you have utilized these skills in the previous jobs in the experience section.
  • Use the summary paragraph, skills section, and work experience section to highlight your relevant skills.

Furthermore, do not forget that too many skills may spoil the effect. In such a case employers may assume that your knowledge is superficial. Moreover, it might also appear that you are trying to brag.

In addition to technical skills, add soft skills as well. These are important as well. Do include them in your resume.

Still not sure about what skills you need? find out What are the best skills to put on your resume? 50+ Examples.

3. Tailor your resume for every job application.

Trust me, a generalized resume spoils your impression. So, you must target your resume for one job at a time. This certainly leads to success. Moreover, it makes your resume all the more optimized for ATS.

To do this successfully, you must research the organization/ company.

Carry out extensive background research on the companies you are applying to. Check out what they value, their products, the technologies behind their products, etc. Knowing these details will help you create a better resume. Moreover, you can optimize your document in a better way.

So, customize your programmer resume summary or programmer resume objective, accomplishments, and skills.

Check out the entry-level programmer resume sample above for a clearer understanding. Note how the skills have been highlighted.

Lastly, be consistent in formatting. Follow the same font style, size, and colour for similar things on your resume. Do not be general or vague. Most importantly, proofread over and over. Check for grammatical errors and typos. Consider adding a cover letter. It improves your impression. Check out the sample above.

So, follow these and create your perfect resume. For more tips, guides and samples, stay connected to

Do share your thoughts below. We look forward to hearing from you. All the best for your oncoming job interview.


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