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teaching resume format

Applying for a teacher job position? Check out our free teaching resume format samples below. You can access them for free. Just be sure to customize them. Our resume experts have created a complete guide on how to customize a teaching resume. So, read on.

Here you will come across resume formats for professors, high school teachers, elementary teachers, middle school teachers, primary teachers as well as special education teachers.

Best Teaching Resume Format Examples

An eye-catching resume is a key to a good job. Here we bring to you various education sector resumes. The best pre-primary, primary, elementary, special education school teacher resume samples are given below. Resumes for university teachers are also available.

How To Download These Samples For Free?

You can download the teacher resume template of your choice by clicking on the link in the caption of the image.

How To Customize Your Teaching Resume?
Complete Guide

After reviewing the teaching resume format in the word above, you must have had an idea of what basically is required in a resume for a teacher. Read on to discover the best resume-writing tips and tricks. These will provide you with the knowledge you need to land the job of your dreams.

Create a teaching resume format for fresher as well as experienced professionals using our below-mentioned tips.

Firstly, you need to closely analyze the job advertisement/ posting/ description. From there, you must pick the terms that list requirements specifically for the job position you are applying for. These terms when added to your teaching resume objective or anywhere on your resume, act as teacher resume keywords.

1. Create A Targeted Teaching Resume Objective

While it is really important to customize your resume with appropriate keywords in order to beat the bots, you also need to keep in mind your audience.

Recruiters and hiring managers devote very little time to each resume. They spend about 6 seconds per resume. Therefore, you must focus on the top third of the first page of your resume. This is also referred to as “above the fold,” because this is the small area that grabs their maximum attention.

In the very beginning, you must place a well-customized teaching resume summary/ objective.
-Firstly, it has to be In only 3-5 lines or bullets.
-The main goal here is to summarize your experiences and achievements that best match the most important requirements in the job advertisement.
-Include the most relevant skills, keywords, and the exact job position title you are applying for. This shows that you have created the resume exclusively for them.
-Convince the reader why you’re a great fit for the role by highlighting your most impressive and relevant qualifications.

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2. Quantify Professional Experience

Your professional experience must be listed in bullet points. Ensure that each bullet point is relevant to the job that you’re applying for.

Furthermore, when you applying for a job as a teacher, choose the best skills, abilities, and knowledge that you have accumulated through your experience. Make sure you do not mention bland duties and responsibilities.

Thus, your bullet points should be accomplishment-oriented and quantified.

For instance- As a teacher, your ability to raise test scores demonstrates that you are a skilled teacher and potentially valuable hire. Use percentage increase for a more effective presentation.

What About Freshers With No Accomplishments?

Not all teachers get the opportunity to increase test scores, simply because reality won’t allow for it.

However, still you can quanitfy your teaching job resume by giving the hiring manager a concrete idea of the scope of your skills and abilities.

For instance, you can quantify the number of students you taught per semester:

Or the size of the school you work in.

The number of teachers/colleagues you trained.

Or mention any success with academic or athletic coaching that is relevant.

These indicate that you are knowledgeable, skilled, and trusted by management. These excellent qualities impress every hiring manager and thus get you the job of your dreams. So, never be disheartened by your lack of experience. Every professional is a beginner at some point of time.

3. Add your Certifications

The addition of certifications, or when you anticipate receiving them is great for teaching resume formats.

You can either add them in a separate certifications section or add them to the additional skills section.

Certifications differ from one state to another. So, you need to be aware of how they are listed in your state.

For instance- In Florida, a middle school English teacher certification is written as “Certification in Middle Grades English.”

4. Teacher Resume Action Verbs

Action verbs deliver a confident tone to your resume. Moreover, it is advisable to begin each of your bullet points with an action verb.

Motivate Educate
Plan Assess
Collaborate Encourage
Showcase Tutor
Create Explore
Instruct Grade
Discuss Develop

Need more action verbs, check out our list here.

5. Highlight Your Targeted Skills Section

In today’s tech-savvy world, teachers are expected to be competent with technology, such as the use of laptops, projectors, tablets, and software. This augment student performance and engagement. So, be sure to add a few technical skills on your resume.

Some software for teachers-

  • MS Office
  • Google Scholar
  • Web browsing and online search abilities
  • Moodle Sakai
  • Pearson ECollege
  • Lore
  • MyEdu
  • GoinGon
  • Instructable Canvas

So, follow the above tips. Use our free teaching resume format examples. and win your dream job.

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