Is Resume Summary Better Than Objective? 10+ Examples

resume summary

Here is all that you would like to know about writing a resume summary. You can also check out the examples of professional summary. Also, check out if it is necessary for a resume or not.

What is a resume summary?

A resume summary statement is a short paragraph usually placed at the beginning of a resume. It highlights a job seeker’s professional skills as well as experience. Furthermore, it gives the employers a glimpse into the job seeker’s expertise before they dive into their resume. Therefore, the main goal of a professional summary statement is to demonstrate the job seeker’s outstanding value through their accomplishments and relevant skills.

Position of Summary Statement

Generally, a summary statement typically rests right below the job seeker’s contact and above the body of the resume.

There are several other names for a resume summary, including:

  • Experience Summary
  • Career summary
  • Professional Summary
  • Personal statement
  • Summary of experience
  • Core Competencies
  • Summary of qualifications
  • Qualifications Summary

Employers go through hundreds of resumes in a week. Therefore, a strong summary statement is just what a resume needs to outshine the stack.

Is a Summary necessary for a good Resume?

Although an optional section, but professional summary has its own perks.

Resume summaries are ideal for experienced job seekers who possess many years of work experience in the same field. This helps in organizing and focusing on years of relevant job experience.

However, those with little experience or notable gaps in their resume can skip this section and opt for resume objectives.

Therefore, it is not necessary but one can choose to include or drop it out as per your experience level.

How to write a good resume summary statement for better impact

Here are the key steps to writing a summary statement.

  • Firstly, when you begin to write a summary statement, ponder upon how would you sell yourself to the employer in a little duration of time.
  • Next, you must consider your strengths, experiences, and accomplishments. These must be unique to you. Jot them down on a piece of paper as you brainstorm.
  • Lastly, while using the job description, determine what value can you add to the company.

Examine the examples of the professional summary below as these may help you zero in on your unique value points:

Key points in a Summary Statement

  • Work History: Hunt for some common threads in your work history. Analyze the patterns in company culture, size, and structure of the company and obviously your role.
  • Skills: What are the key skills that you are proficient in? Which one of these skills apply most to the job position you are applying for?
  • Accomplishments: Consider your most impressive achievements in past jobs. Furthermore, find ways to quantify those achievements. For instance- make use of metrics like years, percentages and amounts.

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Now that you have compiled information from the job description and your resume, begin putting together your summary statement.

Note- Make use of active voice, action words, and relevant keywords. Do not write stories. Also, never try to restate your resume. Keep it concise, below five lines.

Once you finish writing, analyze it yourself. Read through your summary statement from the perspective of a tough employer. Question your own self if you would hire this candidate.

How is a Professional Summary Different from Resume Objective?

A resume objective emphasizes the skills that make the candidate right match for the position. It uses keywords from the job advertisement and focuses on how they can be specific to the company. It mainly explains what kind of job the job seeker is looking for.

However, a summary statement mainly focuses on an overview of work experience which is relevant to the specific requirements for the job. It shows how that candidate has worked in similar positions in the past and can, therefore, do the tasks required.

Top 20+ examples of resume summary for resume

Examples of resume summary help a lot. So, read on and grab the best ones.

Examples of resume summary for customer service

1.Customer service representative with ten years of experience in renowned call centers. Skilled communication resulted in increased responsibility. Proven ability to extend exceptional customer service in a technological fast-paced environment.

2. Detail-oriented customer service representative with the ability to work well under pressure. Organized and focused on meeting challenging deadlines. With exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, proven ability to enhance customer satisfaction while multitasking.

Examples of resume summary for students

3. An independent as well as self-motivated graduate in business studies with proven procurement and marketing skills. A strong, diligent contender, can put theory to practice through practical internships and part-time job experience.

4. A throughout topper and confident communication graduate, exceptional ability to establish rapport quickly and conduct training sessions with enthusiasm.

Examples of resume summary for receptionist

5. Top-performing receptionist, possess five years’ experience working as a tier-one professional. Well-organized, focused and hardworking with proficiency in handling the paperwork and record-keeping systems.

Example of resume summary for freshers

6. A quick-thinking young individual with a flair to communicate and establish relationships online. Adept in Digital Marketing Strategies. Skilled at Integrated Marketing Methodologies, can strive hard to increase brand awareness and enhance sales.

7. To seek an opportunity to serve as a Preschool Teacher for a well-reputed school. Possess B.ed and Masters in Life Sciences. Skilled at Classroom Management, Lesson Planning and discipline maintenance. Efficient in creating an open and interactive environment that help students grow. Well versed in a range of teaching patterns and communication.

Examples of a personal summary on resume

8. A highly motivated individual, recently completed A-Levels, achieving excellent grades in Maths and English. Seeking an internship in the engineering industry to develop a keen scientific interest and start a career as an engineer. Career goal is to become a fully-qualified electrical engineer, with the longer-term aspiration of project management.

Examples of summary on resume for administrative assistant

9. A highly professional Administrative Assistant with three years’ experience in performing a variety of administrative duties for a specified department. Knowledge and skills of organizational procedures/ policies help in efficiently resolving administrative problems.

10. To assist the supervisors and team members with problem-solving skill and meeting deadlines while extending administrative and entry-level talents with the goal of proving myself and fostering the company’s growth.

Example of professional summary for nursing resume

11. A professional nurse with three years of experience supporting physicians and surgeons seeking a challenging position in a long-term care facility. Exceptional communication skills that have received a very positive response from patients.

Example of healthcare resume summary

12. Seeking a leading position of health care supervisor in a progressive health care company- ABC Group where I will be able to utilize my leadership and outstanding communication skills.

Examples of Professional Summary for Web Designer

13Web Designer highly proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Adept in Windows and Mac OS operating systems as well as Adobe CS6. Over the last ten years, I have worked on web, motion, video editing, and music creation.

14. To seek a position of assistant web designer with a tech startup. Well-informed about the latest digital trends and possess a high traffic driving experience on various sites and social media channels. Exceptional ability to grasp new things quickly and work in a fast-paced, ever-changing tech-savvy environment.

Examples of Professional Summary for Marketing and Sales

15. Performance marketer enthusiastic about KPIs and enhancing customer base. Seeking to leverage strong knack for quantitative measurement and results tracking to gain experience with ABC Company.

16. Sales and marketing professional with ten years of experience in digital marketing, project management, and relationship development. Highly experienced in project selection, promoting, planning and execution.

17. A dedicated individual seeking a perfect position of a Sales Executive. Highly passionate about assisting businesses while strengthening Customer Relationship. Adept in presenting a product or a service to the clients in a professional way.

Resume Summary Examples for Management Resume in retail

18.Retail manager resume objective- Extremely balanced individual with excellent communication skills and MBA. Aspirant of Retail Store Manager position, promising exceptional customer service skills and expert knowledge of computer-based regulation and management systems for reporting, budget control, and scheduling.

19.Entry-level Retail Manager- Strong critical thinking skills and ability to prioritize and coordinate multiple projects. An MBA postgraduate interested in the position of a Retail Manager at ABC Inc., to utilize expert knowledge of retail operations and customer service experience gained in an internship at XYZ Company.

20. Retail Assistant Store Manager Resume Objective- Adept in computer-based management and multi-tasking.  Excellent time management skills can work within deadlines and short time constraints. Seeking a position of Retail Assistant Store Manager, bringing five years of management experience to ensure productivity and profitability.

21. Retail Stock Expert resume objective– Proven skills at team management, an individual with a high level of initiative and a positive approach to work. Looking for a position of Retail Stock Expert to enhance my expert inventory management skills and in-depth knowledge of retail operations to foster efficient merchandise flow.

So, these were a few examples. If you have any queries do take advice from our experts. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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