Best Insurance Specialist Job Description Examples

Insurance specialist job description resume

Applying for an insurance specialist job position? Check out our free Insurance Specialist Job Description Examples. Use them in your resume to outshine in the line of competitors. Do not miss out on the job description writing tips from experts below.

Insurance Specialist Job Description Examples

In the following guide, you will come across:
-What is an insurance specialist?
-Bank Insurance Specialist Job Description
-Health Insurance Specialist Job Description Resume
-Life Insurance Specialist Job Description
-Tips on Writing Job Descriptions

So, waste no time. Choose the best samples that suit you. Follow the job description writing tips below to customize our samples or create a stellar description on your own.

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What is an Insurance Specialist?

An Insurance specialist is an expert in interpreting insurance policies as well as determining coverage. These individuals possess specialized training in billing and coding.
You can find insurance specialists in varied industries. For instance- they may work in medical hospitals as health insurance specialists or in government offices as life insurance specialists. So, wherever there is an insurance program, you require insurance specialists.

Insurance Specialist Job Description Examples

To apply for an insurance specialist job, you need a perfect insurance resume that hooks the reader. Basically, every recruiter is most interested in your work history. Therefore, one must have a well-crafted job description on a resume.

To make things easier for you, here we bring to you some best insurance specialist job descriptions that you can add to your resume. Read on and choose the ones that fit you the best.

Bank Insurance Specialist Job Description

A number of insurance policies are worked upon in bank. Whether you require home insurance or car insurance, your bank insurance specialist helps you out. Here are some best job description samples for the same.

Insurance Specialist
-Dealt with post payments from clients and insurance venders.
-Increased monthly revenue by 46%.
-Exceptional ability to prioritize and multitask banking duties.

Insurance Agent
– Maintained 75% sales rate on inbound queries through policy knowledge, active listening, and interpersonal skills.
-Extended flexible insurance plans with affordable premium that fulfilled requisites in terms of sum assured, coverage and returns.
– Provided consistent post-purchase support that ensured 99% customer satisfaction and exceeded monthly targets.

Health Insurance Specialist Job Description Resume

Health insurance specialists deal with the processing of medical insurance claims, medical coding, as well as maintaining patient records in various health care settings. The basic skills of Insurance Specialists include contacting insurance companies to check medical coverage approval/denial status, resolving patient inquiries, and bringing accounts to their final resolutions.

Medical Insurance Specialist
-Researched coding discrepancies and modified unpaid insurance claims.
-Implemented a plan of action for patients in need of financial assistance delivering 19% more upsells than department average.
– Problem solved medicare issues on a daily basis and conveyed exceptional customer service.

Health Insurance Specialist
-Verify the eligibility of 200+ insurance claims and process claims.
-Determine the insurance coverage and payable claim amounts.
-Resolve queries on the processing of insurance claims, insurance coverage and billing procedures. This, established relationships with clients to surpass customer loyalty targets by 16%.

Life Insurance Specialist Job Description

Insurance policies for pension, term insurance, endowment, life coverage and accident deaths. These fall in the department of life insurance specialists. They promote and sell policies to customers. Presenting policy features, attracting potential clients, collecting payments from policyholders, ensuring that beneficiaries receive a settlement in case of policyholder death are some basic duties.
Given below are perfect examples of their job description.

Certified Life Insurance Specialist
-Sold 35 life, accidental death, and supplemental health insurance policies in September, 2019.
-Trained 5 new interns on how to set effective appointments and meet sale quotas.
-Maintained accurate sales records in MS Excel.
-Follow through with underwriting to ensure that client applications are being processed effectively and timely.

Life Insurance Specialist
-Enrolled 150+ new clients in insurance plans.
-Built strong relationships with clients in order to surpass customer loyalty targets by 17%.
-Coached 4 insurance agents in sales best practices.
-Address the policyholder’s protection requirements at an affordable cost.

Tips on Writing Job Descriptions

On reviewing the above insurance specialist job description examples, you must have had a basic idea of how to write your job description.
So, follow these tips and make your job description stand out.

1. Make use of Bullet points

You must list your job description in bullet points instead of paragraphs. Bullet points make it all the more eye-catching. Moreover, they are easy to scan through.

You must add at least 2 bullet points per job position. Ensure that you do not add more than 6 bullet points.

Furthermore, create one-liners. Do not write long stories that make each bullet point a paragraph.

2. Use Action-Oriented Language

Use of strong action verbs in your resume job descriptions make you sound determined and confident.

Begin each bullet point with a verb in the active voice.

So, you do not say that you were “responsible for doing this”, instead, you must say that you “did” it.

This adds a confident tone to your resume.

Furthermore, when you describe your present job, use present tense- manage, lead, supervise, etc.
However, when you talk about your previous jobs, use the past tense- managed, led, supervised, etc.

Need a list of action verbs, Related-150+ Resume Strong Action Verbs To Include

3. Quantify Your Achievements

Add numbers, percentages, statistics to your job descriptions. This helps in estimating the impact of your work.

So, make sure you quantify your best of achievements. You can also add a separate subheading- ‘key accomplishments’ withing the job description.

Here you may include-

-Percentage increase
-Percentage reduction
-Number of employees have you supervised
-How large were the budgets you’ve handled?
-The number of candidates you trained.
-The size of the organization
-How many people were on your team?
-You can also add a well-estimated range if you are unsure of the exact number.

So, make your insurance specialist job description stand out from the crowd. We wish you luck with your job search and oncoming interview!

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