How To Write An Investment Banker Resume?

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Well, this field is very competitive. So, one must have a strong, eye-catching resume that immediately establishes the fact that you are an ideal candidate. Here are guidelines from experts on how to create a perfect investment banker resume.

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So, read on. Waste no time. Grab free samples and tips. Resume writing gets really easy when you have some professional help. Here we bring to you tips from experts. Scroll down.

Sample Resume for Investment Banker

A resume sample helps you create a fresh resume as well as reform a current one. You get ideas to include some important and eye-catching points. So, carefully analyze the sample resume below. You can also use this as your resume template. The investment banker resume pdf is also available below.

Tip– The Doc or Docx version is the most ATS-friendly file type.

Investment Banking Fresher Resume Sample

You can use the investment banking fresher resume sample for creating your personalized resume. We have also provided a cover letter template above. Adding a cover letter to your resume gives you a chance to present yourself in a personalized way.

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Tips For Investment Banker Resume

Read on to discover the experts’ advice on creating a perfect resume for an investment banker.

1. Investment banker resume summary

Before you begin to earn that six-figure salary, you must make the best of the six seconds of the recruiter’s attention.

Yes, you got that right. An average recruiter spends only 6 seconds scanning your resume. And the first thing that they would read is your investment banking resume objective or summary.

So ensure that your resume delivers the same as Lara Cameron’s.

Investment banking resume objective should not exceed 3-4 statements. Placed at the top of your resume it must explain to the recruiter why you are a great fit. A resume objective is best suited for freshers. Since they have limited experience in the field. While an investment banker resume summary is ideal for experienced individuals.

2. Investment Banker Resume Keywords

Resume keywords play a major role in your resume. They optimize your resume to ATS. Applicant Tracking Systems are very popular these days. 90% of MNCs use ATS for scanning resumes. Therefore you must format your resume for ATS.

The best place to find resume keywords is the job advertisement. Under the requirements or qualifications section -you will find some skills or specific details that an employer is seeking. To prove that you are a perfect candidate, incorporate those terms in your resume.

Moreover, you must add keywords throughout your resume. This includes-

-The resume summary
-Job Description
-Job Headings
-Skills Section
-Educational Qualifications

Given below are certain resume keywords for a banker.

Presenting MS PowerPoint
Networking Public speaking, Communication Skills
Valuation Qualitative analysis (e.g. market analysis)
Financial analysis Transactional experience
MS Excel Banking software expertise

Add these to your resume. But do not forget to check out the job advertisement.

3. Resume Action Verbs

Resume Action Verbs add a confident tone to your resume. When writing a resume, your language matters a lot. You must avoid weak and passive verbs. Instead, use resume-strong action verbs. Staying away from business jargon or clichés is advisable. A faulty word choice may undermine the strength of your resume. So, ensure that you use powerful action verbs. Moreover, you must avoid overusing the same verbs.

Here are some strong action verbs.


Want more action verbs?: 150+ Resume Strong Action Verbs To Include

Investment banking is a highly competitive field. Although there are a plethora of qualified candidates, still only a few will ever make it. So, make sure that your resume stands out. It must-

  1. Be easy to scan.
  2. Follow the basic resume layouts.
  3. Begin with a strong objective or summary.
  4. Have a bulleted powerful job description section.
  5. Show off your skills relevant to the position.
  6. Put across relevant details in the education section (for freshers)
  7. Be accompanied by a customized cover letter.
  8. Be optimized to ATS and have plenty of keywords.

Stay connected to for more free samples and tips. We wish you luck with your oncoming job.

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