How To Write A Good Fashion Designer Resume? +Sample

fashion designer resume

Glam. Fashion. Trends. Colors. Sketches. The life of a fashion designer is filled with creativity and glam. However, its field is competitive. So, make sure you create a creative resume that sets your first impression perfectly. Here we bring to the best of guidelines on creating a fashion designer resume as well as tips on what to do and what not.

fashion designer resume

So scroll down and discover the best pieces of advice on resume writing.

Fashion Designer Resume Sample

A resume sample helps you understand what all to include and how to include. You get an idea of the format as well as the content.

Here is a sample resume below. 

About this resume-

-This resume follows the functional resume format.
-It is set in a creative background.
-And the black and white theme gives a unique touch to your resume.
-It highlights your skills.
-Also, the experience section has internship experience which plays an important role in the case of entry-level or fresher candidates.

Fashion Designer Resume Sample

Guidelines to Create A Fashion Designer Resume

Follow the guidelines below to create your perfect designer resume in no time.

1. Have an easily scannable layout.

First of all, you must choose a perfect and easy-to-scan the resume layout. You can find more resume templates on our site.

Basically, there are three resume layouts-

-The reverse chronological

You must choose either of the three. Stick to the format style. It is better t

Secondly, choose the right file type. It is best to submit a Word file. These are ATS-friendly.

2. Begin with a strong fashion designer profile summary.

A fashion designer’s resume objective must be carefully written. It is the first thing that a recruiter reads on your resume.

-Add your strongest skill in the beginning.
-Mention years of experience.
-Use keywords from the job posting.
-Add a few relevant skills.
-Include your greatest achievement. Quantify wherever possible.
-In a nutshell, convince the reader that you are a perfect candidate and would highly benefit their organization.

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3. Offer a powerful job description section

The bullet points in your experience section play a major role. you must put them wisely.

List your accomplishments rather than job duties. Make use of action verbs at the beginning of your statements. They add a confident tone to your resume.

Do not add too many points. A maximum of 6 points is good. Adding too many ruins the impression.

Your resume should be precise. However, do not add general things to it. Don’t state the obvious.

The best way to write your job description is by following the PAR rule. In PAR, you state a Problem that you came across in your previous job experiences, then comes the action you took to resolve it. Lastly, you state your result. Quantifying these catches attention.


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Those will limited experience can opt for a functional or combination resume format. These help you highlight your relevant skills.

4. Show off your skills required for the position

Relevant skills make your resume outshine. However, ensure that you add both hard and soft skills. Adding a few technical skills is highly appreciable.

Since much of the art world is collaborative, you must show you can work with a team. This can be done by including a mention of teamwork or communication skills in multiple places throughout your resume. You can add these in the summary statement, experience section, and skills section.

Review the above resume sample.

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5. Present relevant details in the education section

Having a degree in fashion design works wonders. It enhances your chances of selection. Employers are hunting for candidates that have a proper background.

Make sure that you present the details well. You can also add extracurriculars to give employers a better understanding of your capabilities. Moreover, extracurriculars prove that you are an active candidate. Bookworms are not entertained in the fashion industry. Creativity is the most important skill.

You can also add leadership experiences, participation in competitions, awards, and honours. However, you can place these in a separate section as well.

6. Add a winning cover letter

Lastly, when you add a cover letter, it makes your application stand out. So, add a well-customized cover letter.

While writing a cover letter, do not restate everything from your resume. A cover letter should be like a teaser to your resume. It must compel the reader to read your resume.

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