How to groom for a job interview-The first interview

How to groom for job interview

Uneven breaths, hands turning cold, sweat beads glistening on the forehead and you get jitters. When an awaited interview is turning you uncomfortable, do not worry. Undoubtedly, Interviews have always been a nerve-racking experience.

People say and write about what you have to do when interviewing for a job. Right from being punctual to dressing well to writing thank you notes, every advice is practical and also important.

So, what you will do to be prepared? How to groom for a job interview What are the best grooming tips for a job interview? So, here we have put together some really tested and beneficial grooming tips for you. These will surely help you crack the interview and leaving the best impression in the first attempt.


We all have noticed that the first impression is very important when we meet someone. Some say it is the last impression. It even proves true at times and especially when you are being interviewed. It takes a few seconds for us to size someone up to conclude an impression. If it is a favorable one, we will want to get to know the person better, but if it is negative, we would want to get rid of them. Although they will have to put in a great effort on in order to change our view of them.

First impressions are always so crucial. Especially at job interviews where your professional reputation is at stake. Do not easily assume that you know the basic requirements on dressing and presenting yourself at job interviews. Even if it is your first time on it is a topic we could always use as a refresher on better grooming.


So, now, as the psychological excitement rolls in, it is time to prepare. This demands much more than just researching the company and practicing answers to the expected questions about your resume. It also requires that you make sure you look both professional and polished. Not only will look good, but also feel more confident. Confidence is a key factor in landing for the job. While a polished and professional look cannot replace for a proper resume, the correct look can make you different from other job-seekers. So, while you groom for a job interview, keep in mind the following experts’ tips. Here are certain tested Grooming Dos and Don’ts for an interview.

Do’s Of Grooming Tips For Job Interview

  • Brush and also floss your teeth ensuring fresh breath. Take a shower and also use deodorant. But with little or no fragrance.
  • If you typically wear makeup leave it light and professional. Choose daytime-appropriate makeup that just highlights your features. Neutral eyeshadows in brown shades. Subtle blushes that bring out a healthy glow, for example, peach and coral shades. A neutral or rose lip balm or a moisturizing lipstick. Lips should look healthy, natural and moisturized, whether a matte finish or slight sheen.
  • Put your best face- Wash, gently scrub in order to exfoliate skin before the interview. You may make use of a gentle chemical exfoliant(such as an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) or liquid beta hydroxy acid (BHA) product). These types are not only good for those struggling with oily skin and blackheads but also great for flaky, dry skin.
  • Your hair- neatly combed and brushed(away from your face). Men may get a haircut at a maximum of a week before interview. Women just have to wash and style their hair neatly. Either wear it away from face(a low ponytail) or a casual updo(chignon).
  • Prep your hands and nails for that important handshake. Neatly file and trim your fingernails without any rough edges. Keep them clean. Also, apply hand cream for softness. In case you wear nail polish, make sure that it is free of any beads or chips. Go for clear or classic shades such as pinks, neutrals, or reds.
  • Cleaned and polished shoes are a plus. Clothing neatly ironed, free of odors and stains.

Dont’s Of Grooming Tips For Job Interview

  • Avoid using heavy perfumes or colognes as some people are very sensitive to fragrance. So, you are at a risk to irritate your interviewer. Do not smoke before the interview. No chewing gums or mints during the interview.
  • No bold makeup in unconventional color schemes. Avoid highlighter usage. No makeup products with metallic hues (whether an eyeshadow or lipstick). They are best for evening or a more casual setting.
  • Try all the makeup and grooming products in advance to make sure they cause no irritation or redness.
  • No wet hair look to an interview please! even if you are tying it back. If you do so it may leave an impression of hurry or an unkempt attitude.
  • No nibbling of nails. Chewing your nails can also be off-putting.
  • Do not wear ill-fitting dresses or shoes(If they make you uncomfortable) if you want to concentrate on the interview.


  • Fairly conservative dress.
  • Hair tied properly.
  • Very simple make-up.
  • An elegant watch.
  • No overuse of perfume.
  • Light shades of lip color.
  • Suit – navy blue, grey, black or beige are good examples.
  • Ensure that skirt matches the suit and is till knee length.
  • Shoes – Simple leather shoes with a solid color (black, brown).
  • Thin and skin-colored stockings.


  • Dark suit for men(black, navy and charcoal).
  • Shirt and Tie- Blue or white, long-sleeved shirt are better. Classic patterned and solid-colored neck-tie. Do not wear a bright colored or largely patterned tie. Let it reach belt buckle and keep it very close to the collar.
  • Belt- Black and cordovan colored belt.
  • Shoes and Socks- Brown or black leather business shoes. Match the socks with the trousers or keep them dark in color(such as black, dark grey or navy socks).
  • Hair- clean and free of dandruff.
  • Facial hair- “Hairy” category men must make sure to trim their facial hair and keep it neat(beard or mustache as well as ear and nostril hair). Or just go with the clean-shaven look.
  • Oil-free face.
  • Ensure using styling products keeping your hair in shape with a natural look. Avoid using hair gels or creams which create a greasy look.
  • Lastly, if a smoker- do not smoke for at least half an hour before the interview. Avoid stinky breaths.

Follow these and you will surely excel. For more such tips, keep visiting our site.

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