How to dress up for an interview female

How to dress up for an interview female

A wardrobe full of your favourite clothes yet you find it difficult to choose the correct one. Remember, do not let your dress up for an interview cost you a job.

Your attire plays a vital role in dictating the final outcome in your office. Even during the selection rounds, interviews are greatly affected by the way you dress up.

What you wear may affect your chances of getting hired, as well as your potential for advancement within a company.

What you wear to the office creates an image/ perception of the type of person you are. So, the attire you choose is critical to present yourself as the right candidate.

Your attire will depend on the following factors

1.            Geographical location of your office

2.            Type of industry

3.            Time of the year

Here are 10 Dress up tips for Women

  • Dress

Women can wear a skirt, pants, dress suit, or coordinating dress slacks, blazers etc.  A blouse or sweater will be appropriate. Button-downs, khaki mix-and-match suits, statement dresses, black dresses and tights are now a part of classic fashion.

  • Footwear

Polished closed-toe shoes are always good. Flip-flops are a big no.

  • Accessories

You must keep your accessories simple. Like jewellery, make-up, hairstyles, handbags, and scarves, should be conservative.

  • Makeup

Remember your office is not a fashion ramp. Undoubtedly, one can reflect individual style but avoiding extremes such as bright red lip colour with a formal black dress is a big no when you are going to the office.

What not to wear to an interview

You must dress up to get noticed in a positive way and not stand out from the crowd because of your overdressing or bold outlook. From excessive perfumes to loud lip colour, here is what you must avoid when heading for a job interview.

  • An overwhelming spray of perfume is not advisable. Be careful, your interviewer may have an allergy towards the strong smell.
  • Try to cover up tattoos and minimize piercings.
  • Keep your accessories to a minimum. Avoid danglers, and flashy jewellery, opt for classic studs.
  • Don’t overdo your makeup. Cakey faces distracting the interviewer. You must aim to look fresh and natural rather than looking painted.

What to wear for an interview female plus size

Your clothes have a great role in influencing your chances of getting hired. When not sure be more formal rather than casual. How to dress up for an interview professionally when you are plus size is really important.

Here we have some best dress-up tips/suggestions from experts-

  • You can either choose trousers or a skirt.
  • The skirt’s hemlines should be no more than one biro length above the knee. Pencil skirts are always flattering.
  • Talking about colours you can’t go wrong with black. Navy blue, brown, in the summer, a lighter plain colour is also perfectly fine.
  • Avoid patterns.
  • Do not get too adventurous with the shoes. You must keep heels at a sensible height.
  • Keep in mind that cakey faces do not impress.

Business casual dress up for an interview female

One must understand the fine line difference between business attire and business casual attire. It may give you a sigh of relief -no more worries about what to wear to work but that is not exactly what it aims at.

Dressing up in a tee and shorts or a sundress and oversized glasses may be too casual but at the same time wearing a full suit is too formal. So, here we have for you some expert advice on business casual dress up.

Women can go in for a combination of a skirt or dress slacks, sweater, blouse, or twinset. Jacket and hosiery are optional. Closed-toe shoes are always better than sandals or peep-toe shoes. The following staples are a must in any girl’s wardrobe:

Twill, khaki, corduroy, twill, or cotton pants or skirts with conservative lengths.
Sweaters, cardigans, pullovers or knit shirts.
Primary colours are preferable over bright colour patterns.

What not to wear in the Business Casual dress code

The word casual in the business casual dress code doesn’t mean your favourite old t-shirt, ripped jeans, sneakers, flip-flops etc. Remember the word “business” is a part of business casual. You just have a few liberties over the strict business attire.

  • Avoid clothing with logos or offensive words or large graphics.
  • Women should not wear a dress that’s too tight, too flowy, short, or low cut.
  • And yes most importantly keep your makeup natural.
  • Never go in for electric shades, be it your footwear or clothing.

Interview dress up Trends 2022

The majority of people judge others by their looks and your dress plays a major role. Good dressing sense not only impresses the viewer but also reflects your personality and attitude of living. A slight carelessness may turn out to be a blunder in the path of your success.

Even today you can still tell a gentleman from his shoes. It is time we come out of the illusion that just because your shoes are present down far below they will not be noticed or your socks won’t catch attention.

Some latest interview outfits for 2022 are-

  • Dark-colored blazer and blouse combination. These are simple yet versatile.
  • Go for good colored button-downs.
  • Team up a pencil skirt with a blouse with a bow.
  • Replacing traditional black with navy blue is the latest trend.
  • Prints are also welcome. So, don’t be afraid of experimenting with some nice prints.
  • Pastel shades are always better but this year you can also go in for turquoise or deep red shades.

Remember, the best way is to dress up for your own self. Dress perfectly to boost up your own confidence. When you are confident from within it is reflected in every step that you take.

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