Guidelines for Creating a custom resume

custom resume

It is always better to take the time to write a custom resume. This specifically highlights your experience, that is relevant to the job for which you’re applying. It will definitely take more time to write/carefully edit your resume, but, it’s worth the effort. This is beneficial especially when you are applying for jobs that are a perfect match for your qualification as well as experience.

Custom Resume

What is a Custom Resume?

In order to customize your resume, you have to edit your resume so that your skills and experience closely match the job description/ job ad requirements. For this you will have to do some changes. A targeted resume is customized in order to specifically highlight your experience that is relevant to the job you are applying for.

First of all, you should pick up the keywords used in the job posting and work them into your resume. This way, your resume will have a better chance of getting selected.

Resume Keywords

Now the question arises that what are resume keywords? The keywords that your resume includes are the same keywords that appear in job descriptions i.e., the official advertisement/notification. When you incorporate them, you will increase your chances of your resume matching available positions. Thus, you will be easily selected for an interview.

Take idea from Resume Design templates and Resume Tips

Check out various creative resumes, more resume tips and advice for writing a perfect resume, resume tips for online job applications, resume formatting, choosing a resume writer, and tips for writing resumes that will secure an interview.

Before you start, go through resume design templates, review free resume samples, the ones that fit a variety of employment situations. These provide job seekers with examples of resume formats that will work for almost every job seeker.

Why should you customise resume?

Most people assume that one resume fits all. Now the question arises that why you should be customizing your resume to the job you’re applying for? The reason is that you want your resume should stand out from the rest. So, when you tailor it to the position you’re applying for, your chances of getting selected for an interview are far better.

It is always tempting to use a resume template, especially when there are hundreds available, but this won’t really help you. Do you really want your resume to look just like the other thousands of resumes available? Probably not, so, change it up a bit and thus, design your own. You need not take it too far, keep it simple and easy to read.

How to create a custom resume?

Job descriptions/notifications use words/ phrases to describe the ideal candidate. Now all you have to do is that reproduce a resume by using the same wording in your profile and throughout your resume. Remember, it is not essential that the hiring manager will review your resume first. Instead, many times it is an internal HR team, where people are not experts in your field. They may just give a quick scan for keywords may this is all the attention your resume will get. Therefore, if you don’t have the right keywords included, you could be easily neglected.

Meanwhile, it is essential to proofread your own work. Always remember that just one error can drastically change people’s opinion regarding your resume. This can also affect your future job prospects with the company. So, putting your resume down for a few hours, then re-reading it, can give you a fresh perspective.

Welcome suggestions

Ask someone else to read over your cover letter and your resume. While a spellcheck function is a handy tool, but it doesn’t ensure that it’s going to catch all mistakes, so ask a friend to check it out for you and let you know if there are certain errors/mistakes that need to be fixed. You may also take suggestions on what all you can include. There are chances that you may have forgotten to include something noteworthy.

At times, you want to incorporate multimedia/portfolio materials into your resume, for this there are a number of sites available like VisualCV. These sites allow you to add audio/video, as well as graphs. You can also add samples of your work. They help you create a multidimensional resume, the one that stands out from the rest.

Create something different

Usually, people prefer Times New Roman or Arial font. They are the standard options that most people use out of habit. Although some hiring managers/recruiters dislike them. They feel they are overused. Georgia proves to be an excellent choice. It is considered easy on the eyes for computer reading. IN addition to this layout is also important. Try to keep the paragraphs/ sections fairly short. Make use of short paragraphs, bullet points, and subheadings. This will make things far simpler to read and presentable.

Above all, the content of your resume will gain the attention of a hiring manager. Therefore, the details of a custom resume can make you stand out against the competition.

In today’s competitive world, where even the dumbest ones can get ideas online and create attractive resumes, a uniquely designed, eye-catching resume layout can give you an advantage. It can possibly land you the job of your dreams. In an average of fifteen to twenty seconds, a recruiter looks over a resume and decides if the applicant has something substantial for a company. This gives you precious little time to leave an impact, make an impression. Now given the fact that employers have somewhat little heaps of resumes on their desks, it becomes quite clear that utilizing anything which can provide an upper hand in the hiring process is certainly essential. 

So, customize your resume and catch their attention. 

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