Best Single Page Resume Template Word Free

working on a single page resume
working on a single page resume

Is a single-page resume an ideal one?

Well, picture this.

An office. A hiring manager. He has 200+ resumes to read. One of them is yours. So, if your resume is a single page, what will he think?

Well, we hear to clear this topic completely in your minds.

The length of your resume depends on your years of experience.

Ideally, a single-page resume is great for all candidates.

You can go for the second page only when-

  • You possess 10+ years of relevant experience.
  • A lot of accomplishments to your credit.

Check out some best resume templates word as well as tips to write a perfect single-page resume.

Single Page Resume Template Word Free

Here we bring to you some best single-page resumes. These resumes are HR-approved. Also, they have been checked for ATS. So, you need not worry about the formatting part. Devote your time to tailoring the resume to the job you are applying for.

Single-page resume for freshers

Check out some single-page resume templates. These are best for fresher or entry-level candidates. Moreover, the following free single-page resume sample is easily available and can be customized in a matter of minutes. So, this one-page resume template word free can be easily accessed. These templates are well-suited for entry-level candidates with limited work experience. So, waste no time. Grab your favourite single-page resume.


You can also find the best one-page resume 

One-page resume for experienced

Here are some single-page resumes for experience holders. These templates are set to focus on your relevant experience and immediately prove you as a valuable candidate.

Simple yet trendy resume template


Pros And Cons Of Single Page Resume

Given below are certain pros and cons of writing a single-page resume. These will help you finalize why should a resume be a single page.

One Page Resume Advantages

-It has more clarity and ease of use. 
-A single-page resume stands out.
-Recruiters have a short attention span. They just spend 6 seconds on average, analyzing every resume.
-It helps you to Avoid Making Mistakes
-It is more approachable.
-Your Job target keywords are easily noticed.
-The recruiter understands that you believe in delivering important information only. Moreover, it makes your resume different from a CV.
-The recruiter need not wade through a gigantic wall of words. He can easily find your best achievements and hire you.

Cons of One-page Resume

-Extensive experience of more than 10+ years won’t fit in, you need space to show it.
-A two-page resume crammed with relevant accomplishments does that best.

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Tips To make your Resume Single-Paged

So, if you have created a resume. Stacked all the important information but it exceeds one page. No worries.

Here we bring to you the best tips to make your resume fit a single page.


Firstly, you need to do some trimming on the format and layout. Here is how-

1. Trim the Margins

It is certainly a good idea to trim the margins to save space. This helps in fitting things to a single page. spot. However, there is a limit to how far you can go. Just ensure that you do not clog every square millimetre of the page. Some white space makes your resume less daunting.

2. Use smaller fonts

Yes, you can make the resume font size smaller to fit your items into a one-page resume. However, don’t go overboard. Using a tiny font makes your resume difficult to read. Such a resume will easily get tossed into the rejected pile. No recruiter will struggle through your resume. So, do not opt for a size lesser than 9.

3. Choose Creative Layouts

When you opt for multiple columns or various creative resume layouts, they allow more content to fit in. If you are not an expert in graphics, try our free resume templates. Wantcv provides several free one-page resume templates to make the process easy.


4. Tailor Your Resume

At times we tend to make a 4-page list of accomplishments. It is okay, but do not put it in your resume. You need to customize your resume for each past job. So, adding 3-5 achievements that are totally relevant to the position you are applying for is sufficient. Custom fitting helps a lot in saving space and cutting the chaff.

5. Cut Short Your Bullet Points

The use of bullet points instead of paragraphs saves a lot of space. Moreover, bullets are the best way to describe the experience as well as the education on a resume. Make sure you make your bullet points 1-2 lines each. Short, direct statements are impactful.

Furthermore, make use of fewer bullet points. Adding 3-5 bullet points per past job is the maximum. This works best as a space-saving technique. Experts suggest that adding too many bullet points may also ruin your effect.

6. Highlight the Most Impressive Achievements

No matter how amazing your past accomplishments are, do you think that your next employer really needs to know about them all? A few top achievements that are really relevant to your current job, are enough to impress. Remember, that this is like a trailer, not the full movie. So, save space by tossing out redundancies.

7. Craft A Precise Education Section

Unless you are applying for an internship or entry-level job, keep your education section precise. Experienced applicants can list 2-3 bullet points highlighting their educational background in their education sections.

However, entry-level candidates must not. You need to elaborate on education.

8. Skip the References

A number of applicants add a reference list or they may add “references available upon request” at the bottom of their resumes. This isn’t necessary. You can totally skip this. It saves a lot of space. However, if the job advertisement asks for some references, then you must add some.

9. Your Summary needs to be well-trimmed

At times applicants write really long summaries. Well, a resume summary should summarize not list all that you have to offer. So, cut your resume summary to 3-5 lines of text. Write crisp, short sentences.

10. Highlight your Accomplishments

The best space-saving technique is to stick to accomplishments to keep your resume one page. Don’t list down your duties in the job section rather lay stress on your achievements. How you saved money, enhanced sales, saved time, improved quality. Focus on how your job skills helped you make things better.

So, follow the above tips and use our single Page Resume Template Word Free. Create resumes that outshine. We wish you luck with your job search and oncoming interview!



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