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Create the perfect sales manager resume using our free resume samples and expert advice below. This will make your resume writing much easier and quicker.

Sales manager resume writing

Sales Manager Resume Examples 2019

Here are the best resume examples for the sales manager position. You can Use these for free. You will also find the sales manager’s resume pdf. Moreover, you will find resume examples for both experienced and inexperienced candidates. However, a management position is always for relevant experience holders. A certain hierarchy is followed. You reach a manager’s position only after advancing from certain lower positions.

Here are our resume samples and their matching cover letters that you can view for ideas.


Cover letter for sales manager in banking

Cover letter template

Resume Sample in Simple Text

Here is a simple text format for the above resume sample for a sales manager.


15/54, Main Square, Los Angles, California, 90001

Sales manager with over 4+ years of experience training and supervising sales staff. Effectively plan and implement sales strategies over my branch. Seeking to bring my proven record in team leading and in launching successful marketing campaigns to a senior management position.


  • Proficient in managing customer complaints and increasing sales.
  • Expert in providing comprehensive workplace support in busy work environments.
  • Experienced in sales transactions, managing bank accounts, and billing.
  • Expert in the use of accounting software like Excel, Peachtree, and QuickBooks.


Banking Sales Manager         2015-Present                 XYZ Bank, Los Angles, California

  • Maintained an Excel-based database for recording customer concerns, response time for service as well as product complaints.
  • Managed monthly, and quarterly sales reports and documented discussions for meetings.
  • Presented innovative ideas for promotional campaigns.
  • Supervised customers’ contact process through mail or call to inform them about the latest offers.
  • Effectively handled online promotional activities for the bank organization’s products.

Sales Executive               August -December 2014          ABC Bank, Los Angles

  • Followed and implemented sales guidelines while maintaining standards across departments.
  • Managed client questions and coordinated with them to identify bank account requirements.


2012- 2014                      State University, Los Angles, California                 

Master of Business Management (MBA)



MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Word; Java, Networking, Social media management

Resume Writing Tips

Review the sales manager resume sample above as it will help you write your own highly effective resume. The sample above follows a reverse chronological style.

In the years 2012, The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that there were 358,300 U.S sales manager positions. Now, the number is expected to increase by 8% in ten years.

Usually, sales associates with a bachelor’s degree move up to a managerial position in less than five years. An ideal candidate has outstanding analytical, communication, and leadership skills along with successful sales experience.

Below mentioned are a few guidelines and major considerations to help you craft a winning sales director resume.

1. Sales Manager Resume Summary Statement

A strong career objective and summary statement should achieve the main target- communicate how well you fit for the position recruiters are seeking to fill.

In the sample resume above, the candidate has formulated a strong career summary, listing some key points that speak of expertise and qualifications.

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So, while writing your summary statement follow the following tips-

  • Begin with your strongest skill.
  • Add a few soft and hard skills.
  • Mention your years of experience.
  • Use numbers instead of words. Quantify wherever possible.
  • Add your greatest achievement.
  • Add keywords from the job description.
  • Include your certifications and highest degree when impressive.

2. Highlight your experience

Be very strategic when you frame the body of your resume. While writing about your past work experiences, write a firm description rather than a long, exhaustive list. A well-designed resume experience section reflects thought and mastery over your job. Moreover, it gives you a chance to highlight your most impressive skillsets and capabilities.

With that in mind, follow some tips below that will help strengthen your work experience section:-

-First, begin with your designation, company name, and years of tenure.
-Break down the job description into bullet points.
-Write no more than 5-6 bullet points.
-Use action-driven language.
-Add numbers instead of words.
-Add relevant skills.
-Rather than listing your job duties, state accomplishments.

The use of industry-specific buzzwords such as “sales operations,” “marketing campaigns,” etc, attract attention. Moreover, add emphasis on words such as “strategize,” “implement,” and “supervise”. These denote action and execution. Such action verbs vividly communicate job capabilities, like leadership qualities. Any recruiter would take in a candidate with such qualities for a managerial role. So, ensure that you write the achievement-oriented language. This makes your resume much stronger.


Most importantly, when you quantify your experiences, it enhances your resume power. It gives you a chance to outshine others. Moreover, presenting hard numbers gives hiring managers a real reference point for your achievements. Also, they demonstrate that you have been capable of achieving concrete results.

3. Add Relevant and Transferable Skills

While writing the skills, consider the space for listing out other soft or technical skills. Stress those skills that you haven’t stressed elsewhere on your resume.

Your skills in networking, management, and supervising are attractive. Highlight those that are relevant. Avoid skills that are not transferable.

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Moreover, pay attention that you do not create a heap of skills. Do not state what is obvious.

Once you have done the writing part there are a few more things that you must consider in your resume.

Most importantly, customize your resume. Your resume summary, skills, and experiences-all must be customized to the job you are applying for.

Do research about the company you are applying for. Add keywords from the job description. Adding keywords to your resume is the most integral part. Often resumes get rejected due to a lack of keywords.

Always remember that most of the resumes are shortlisted by ATS. Therefore, you must format your resume ATS.

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Follow the tips above. Use your free sales manager resume samples. Create a resume that makes you outshine and wins you your dream job. We wish you luck with your oncoming job.


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