Best Event Planner Resume and Cover Letter Samples

Event planner resume writing

Are you applying for an event planner position? Well, does your event planner resume include the required characteristics? Resume writing will get much easier for you once you scroll down till the end. Here we bring to you the best resume sample format as well event planner cover letter. Do check out the tips from experts on resume writing.

Event planner resume writing

Being an event planner requires impeccable organizational, communication, and planning skills. So, to draw the attention of an employer, you must provide examples of previous event experience. Also, give details of the ways in which your involvement directly led to the event’s success. How to do that? What to include? What not to add? Discover all about an event planner career and resume writing.

Best Event Planner Resume Formats

Review the sample below to get a clearer understanding of the event planner’s resume. You can download these for free by clicking on the download button.

These event planner resume samples are in Docx format. It is the best format for ATS.


Event Planner Cover Letter

Here is a cover letter template for an event planner. You modify the same for an event planner cover letter with no experience.

How to write an Event Planner Resume?

Here are some important things to consider while writing your event planner resume and cover letter.

Add Relevant Skills

Firstly, you must consider the specific responsibilities mentioned in the job description. Take note of what qualifications are a good match.

Event planning skills list

Basically, sound knowledge of budgeting, along with exceptionally good organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills, are required. So, in order to create a resume that stands out, provide examples of times you’ve used these skills instead of simply listing the adjectives. 

Elaborate on your most successful events.

 Rather than stating what you can do, show them what you have done. Your accomplishments speak tons about you. A proven track record of relevant experience is quite significant. It attracts every employer.

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So, in your resume and cover letter, describe the events planned. Ensure that your events are particularly the ones that are similar to the ones you would plan in this job position. Stick close to your potential job position.

For instance- if you are applying in the corporate sector, do not add your wedding plan details. However, if you have no other relevant experience, then this is undoubtedly the most related one.

Add Keywords For ATS Optimization

To make your application stand out, add resume keywords. This is all the more essential if you are submitting it digitally to organizations. These organizations may be using applicant tracking systems.

So, incorporate words from the job listing in both your resume and your cover letter.

Although ATS does not screen a cover letter, you must add keywords. Manual scanning also perceives an application better when it has keywords. Some common event planner keywords include:

-event planner
-event coordinator
-meeting coordinator
-vendor relations.

For specific keywords look in the “Preferred Qualifications” or “Requirements” section of the job listing.

Event planner Resume Objective

Event planners are meticulous and detail-oriented. They are responsible for ensuring that meetings, weddings, conferences, and other events go off without a hitch. So, your resume should be error-free to establish the background.

Your event planner resumes objective or rather resume summary should be well-written.

-Include your greatest accomplishment.
-Add skills, keywords, and action verbs.
-Do not use personal pronouns.
-State the position you are applying for.
-Include years of experience.
-Add numbers.

There are many types of event planners. For instance- wedding planners, corporate planners, and so on. So, highlight your particular area of expertise at the top of the page, in the resume summary where it’s most visible. 

Quantify Your Success

Did you plan an event with 1000+ attendees? By how much % did you reduce the costs?

Include these in your description. Share if the post-event survey received high marks. Use numbers and statistics to amplify accomplishments. 

Highlight Certifications or Training

 If you possess relevant certifications or have completed training programs, mention it on your resume. Furthermore, you might also add if you are a member of event planner-focused associations. These add power to your resume. They make you appear focused and enhance your impression.

So, follow the tips and suggestions. Create a resume that stands out. To make things simpler you may use our free downloadable event planner resume and cover letter samples.

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