Best Computer Technician Resume and Cover Letter

Computer Technician Resume

Owing to a fast-paced technical environment, a computer repair technician is a must for all industries. And for this, you need a perfect computer technician resume. He is responsible for carrying out a number of fixes more than just computer parts. For instance- he may also repair network connections, computer equipment, such as external hard drives and many more.

Computer Technician

Being a computer repair technician, one may work for a repair company. There he has to travel to various homes or company offices in order to do the repair work. While some computer repair technicians might work as a staff technician for a particular company. However, the former job type is more common.

So, a technician must be comfortable speaking with customers and listening to the problems they have been having. Next, he has to carry out the inspection or testing. On discovering the issue, he must be able to proceed with the fixing.

Check out the sample below to write a perfect resume.

Computer Technician Resume Sample

From laptops to desktops, mainframes to network connections, computer technicians work with almost every area of computers. Their career may be challenging but it is absolutely a rewarding career.

Here we bring to you the best computer hardware technician resume. You can use this as a sample. Also, you can download it for free and use it as a computer technician resume template.

Computer Technician Resume
Computer Technician Sample

Best Computer technician sample resume

Computer Technician Cover Letter Sample

Here is a matching computer technician cover letter to your resume. When you attach a cover letter to your resume, it makes your application stand out. You get a chance to present yourself in a much more personalized way.

Computer Technician cover letter sample
Computer Technician Cover Letter Sample

Quick Tips for Computer Hardware Technician Resume

After reviewing the above sample, now you have an idea of how to write your computer technician resume. Here are some tips from resume experts that will help you create a resume that outshines.

1. Computer Technician Resume Objective/ Technician Resume Summary

Begin with a computer technician resume objective or you may add a resume summary. The choice is yours.

To discover the main differences between a resume summary and an objective statement, What Is Resume Summary? Is It Necessary for A Good Resume? Top 20 Examples

Typically, a technician resume summary is better than an objective because in an objective you focus more on your expectations from the company you are applying for. While in a summary you emphasize your accomplishments.

Moreover, employers prefer summary statements. These days a number of recruiters consider objectives to be outdated.

An entry-level computer technician resume can have a resume objective because you don’t have much to your credit. So, you can focus on your goals.

While professionals must always opt for summary statements. Here is some experts’ advice on writing one.

-State your strongest trait first.
-Add a few relevant skills. Add keywords from the job posting.
-Mention the position you are applying for.
-Include your greatest accomplishment from the past.
-Add strong resume action verbs.
-Quantify wherever possible. Stae your years of experience.
-Use numbers instead of words.

2. Top Skills Repair Technician Resume

Whether you are writing a freelance computer technician resume or one for any specific company, skills are a must.

You have to have a mix of soft and hard skills. However, ensure that the number of technical skills is more than soft skills.

The technical skills on your resume should account for your abilities and the requirements of the position you are seeking. If the job requires you to work on particular computer brands or devices, you must emphasize your competency with these systems. Mention both in your summary statement and skills section. For this, you must first scan the job advertisement. Take note of what all do they require in a candidate. Then frame your resume accordingly.

For instance- The skills Repair Technician Resumeinclude-

  • Software installation
  • troubleshooting
  • repair services
  • ability to fix Windows and Mac computers.
  • Hardware configuration
  • System disassembly
  • Teamwork
  • Organized
  • Quick-learner
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Inventory management
  • Documenting and recording information.
  • Decision-making skills
  • Data collection
  • Inspecting equipment, structures, and materials.

These are a few skills that can be mentioned on your resume. Your skills are the most important part of your resume in a technician role.

3. Add Certifications

Just like the sample resume above, you can dedicate a section to certifications at the bottom of your resume. You can also include certifications in an education section. 

When you are seeking a position that requires certification, you may want to draw attention to the necessary credentials in your summary statement or list of qualifications. Do not miss them out.

You may also add the year in which you received the certificate. Although it is not compulsory. For instance-

“ABC Certified Service Technician -2010”

This adds power to your resume. Moreover, it makes you stand different from the crowd.

4. Tips for Entry-level Computer Technician Resume

Have you never worked before? Well, preparing an entry-level resume can be challenging. Follow the below-mentioned advice.

-Try to show how your abilities and background prepare you to excel as a computer repair technician.
-Write a summary statement/objective that draws attention to your skills. Declare your intention in seeking a position.
-You can list extracurricular activities. Or consider adding some freelance technician work.
-Volunteer experiences are great on entry-level technician resumes.
-To sound more convincing, draw meaningful connections between your interests and your ability to repair computers.
-Lastly, add your education or training section. Include degrees or certifications.

5. How to make your Computer Technician Resume stand out?

In a competitive technical industry, you must make an effort to add things that make you outshine. Rise above the pile. Here are some tips for you.

-First of all, add resume keywords. Scan the job listing/advertisement. Jot down the requirements and qualifications. Now use the same terms on your resume.

-All efforts go in vain when you do not optimize your resume for ATS. Adding keywords optimizes it to quite an extent. Today, 75% of employers make use of applicant tracking systems to shortlist candidates.

– The computer repair technician’s resume must have all of the sections relevant to a position in this field. Just like the sample above, emphasize your name, section headings, and job titles. Provide plenty of detail and keep your resume organized by using bullet points.

-Attach a computer technician cover letter. However, ensure that you do not restate your resume in your cover letter. Else you will ruin the effect.

You may use the above computer technician resume sample as a template. All you have to do is enter your information to create a customized version of this professional document. This will save you time and you need not worry about the formatting part.

Do share your thoughts below. We wish you luck with your oncoming job!

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