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A strong résumé is essential for an industry full of competition. Now, the most intriguing facet of creating a child actor resume is -how to present a visual skill on paper? Moreover, a child actor doesn’t even have a ton of “work” experience. The special skills and talents include jumping rope and playing the recorder. Even if a child actor has been on a TV show or two, still it is not that easy to fill up an entire page with impressive information.

Child Actor Resume tips

But when you are here. No worries!

Here we bring to you the best tips on how to write a child actor resume. Also, you will find an eye-catching child actor resume sample that you can use for inspiration.

Child Actor Resume Sample

Given below is a child actor resume sample that you can download for free!

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Child Actor Resume

Child Actor Resume in Simple Text Format


15/54, Main Square, Albany, NY.  – Contact No. –
Agent- XYZ Inc.
            Contact number

Professional Child Actors with 4+ years of acting experience. Possess a proven record of award-winning child roles in commercials and television programs. Seeking to leverage teamwork ability and exceptional dancing talent in the film industry.


  • Gymnastics
  • Singing
  • Dancing- Opera, Contemporary, Classical
  • Mimicry
  • Spanish and French-Verbal
  • Teamwork Ability
  • Exceptional Problem-solving skills
  • Quickly memorize scripts
  • Feeding the homeless.
  • Mentoring first graders.



Hannibal            Track Team Member             MGM


Good Morning         Protagonist           NBC Theatre
Jungle Stories           Vulture                 Youth Theatre Matilda                        Matilda                   Matilda NY Theatre          


Presently – Student of Class 4, Emma Thompson School, NY.

  • Class Topper since 4 consecutive years.
  • Award-winning candidate in declamations and singing competitions at the state level.
  • XYZ Talent Show Winner.


  • Auditioning for Commercials, John Smith, XX Feature Film Director
  • On-Camera Acting, John Smith, Film Director
  • How to Act and Eat Simultaneously

Singing- Last 5 Years -Sir Edward Weasley
Dancing- Last 5 Years – ABC Academy, Sir Ronald Ross


4’8″ tall and weigh 70 pounds
Age- 9 years
Blue Colored Eyes
Honey Colored hair

Tips for Writing A Child Actor Resume

Here are some best tips that will help you develop a child actor résumé:

1. Elaborate the Special Skills for Child Acting Resume

An elaborated special skills section is one of the primary ways child actor résumés differ from those of adults. So, you must expand your child’s “Special Skills” section by entitling it “Special Skills and Hobbies.”

Especially when a child actor doesn’t have professional credits, the casting directors and scouting talent agents pay special heed to this category. Moreover, it gives them info on what the child’s personality is like, what talents they possess, etc. So, ensure that you include a range of information that portrays perfectly the personality of your child.

Furthermore, in this section, you may begin with traditional performance skills-
– singing
– dancing (specify styles)
– instruments
– modeling
– juggling
-Or even creating online content (a YouTube channel), etc.

Next, you can shift to the sports that your child finds interest in. Even some non-sport physical activities such as hula hooping, bicycling, jump rope, etc. are good to add on child actor resume.

While listing hobbies you can include-
-being a fashionista
-caring for animals.

Addition of some services or charity-oriented activities reveals strong character. Such as Boy Scout or Girl Scout, Sunday school, feeding the homeless, mentoring first graders.

Lastly, you must not miss out the personality traits and strengths. For instance- outgoing, team player, smart, decision-maker, problem-solver, takes direction well, fast memorizer, adventurous, etc.

2. Highlight moral character

The purpose of elaborating the “Special Skills and Hobbies” section, as stated above, is to give the recruiter a sense that your child is an all-rounder and of strong moral character. Such a child would be delightful to work with. So, ensure that you keep in mind the importance of “service activities” and “personality traits” sections of the résumé.

If an entertainment industry, the professional are seeking for a child who is altruistic as well as cares about helping others.

However, if your child is not a part of any service-oriented activities, now is a great time to start. Being an actor you are always being of service to the world by telling important stories. Therefore, to engage oneself in a charitable activity is a learning experience!

3. List Achievements

While listing your child’s school(s), you must consider listing any specific academic achievements. For instance- honor roll, perfect attendance, olympiads, art awards, math awards, extracurriculars, clubs, a student government officer, etc.
Here again, the goal is to emphasize strong character along with great work ethic. Furthermore, good academic records portray diligent and responsible actors. So, ensure that you share all of your child’s terrific school achievements!

4. Expand the theater section.

For those who have just started as a child actor, say, 10 years old, he or she may not have a ton of TV and film credits. Therefore, you must make sure to list every theater performance of your child.

This conveys that the child has been on a stage in front of people. Even the school shows and plays, church plays, community plays, school presentations, oratory, dance concerts and recitals, singing performances, etc.

5. Focus on the training in detail.

Another most eye-catching part of a child actor resume is the training sessions. Here you may list the various types of classes your child has taken. You may also mention the elements of each course.

For example, your child took an on-camera acting class, you can describe specific elements of that course such as audition prep, cold reading, improvisation, etc.

While listing singing lessons and dance lessons, detail the specific styles of dance or singing forms.

The bottom line is you have a lot of scopes to describe the talents of your child on a child actor resume. Follow the above tips and use our free downloadable child actor resume sample.

We wish you luck!


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