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chef resume writing tips

Cook the most perfect chef resume for yourself. Follow the resume writing tips below and use our free chef resume samples.

chef resume tips and samples

Just like preparing a cuisine, your resume needs your complete attention. Choosing the finest ingredients, and turning them into a beautifully crafted dish. Your profession teaches you well the definition of perfection and what other the other person expects from you. So, use this skill of yours and create an outshining chef resume application.

Chef Resume Format Samples

For every chef position, there are innumerable people applying. Therefore, you must master the skill to make chef resumes that will land you more interviews.

Check out the resume sample below for inspiration. You can also use it for free and use it as a chef resume template for your own resume.

About this resume-

-The following chef resume sample follows the reverse-chronological format style.
-Stella has 6+ years of experience. However, this sample is suitable for both experienced and entry-level chef resumes.
-She has highlighted the various teamwork skills and cuisine expertise in the resume.

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Chef Resume in Simple Text

15/54, Main Square, Albany, NY.  – Contact No. – name@email

Professional Chef with 6+ years of hands-on experience in varied cuisines. Possess expertise in a fast-paced kitchen environment. Achieved a 5-star culinary satisfaction rating according to the national food critic. Seeking to leverage my culinary skills at ABC Restaurant and bring about high customer satisfaction.


April 2016 – Present
Street House, Albany, NY. 

  • Key Chef Responsibilities
    • Cook seafood in a timely and efficient manner.
    • Liaised with waitstaff and employees to inform them about menu changes and special additions.
    • Prepare all cuisines to customer satisfaction, keeping special dietary concerns into account.
  • Key Chef Achievements
    • Redeveloped the entire seafood menu in 2017, increasing sales revenue by 125%.

2013- 2016
Arabian Nights Café, Albany, NY.

  • Key Chef Responsibilities
    • Managed daily kitchen operations with 7 staff members
    • Ensured that 100% of food safety procedures were followed.
    • Trained and directed all staff members since 2015, improving kitchen operational flow by 50%.
  • Key Chef Achievements
    • Developed processes that reduced waste by 60% and improved supply turnover.


Degree in Restaurant and Culinary Management
ABC Culinary Education, NY.
Completion: 2013

Food Science Certification 2015


  • Exceptional Food Safety consciousness
  • Strict Time Management ability
  • Excellent Teamwork Ability both with seniors and assistants.
  • Regular Restaurant Intercom Operation
  • Proven record of teaching and mentoring kitchen employees
  • Expertise in-
    • Baking and Desserts
    • Southern Cuisine
    • Latin American Cuisine
    • Seafood

How To Write A Chef Resume?
Complete Guidelines

Follow the complete set of instructions to create a wonderful, job-winning resume for the chef position.

1. Which Resume Format is the best for Chefs?

So, basically, there are three resume formats-
-Reverse Chronological

To read about the three of the above-mentioned resume formats specifically.

We suggest using reverse chronological resume formats for your chef application. Whether you are a sushi chef, head chef, pastry chef, or simply have some other cheffing experience, go for it.


There are a couple of reasons why you must choose reverse chronological-
-Firstly, it is the most common, so restaurant managers/ recruiters will instantly recognize it. Moreover, it is the recruiters’ favourite.
-With this layout, you will list the most recent items first (experience and education). So, they easily catch the attention and hook the reader.
-It is an ATS (Application Tracking System) friendly format.

2. How To Write Chef Resume Objective or Summary?

What is the best Resume Introduction for your resume?

Well, this thought troubles most of us. So, clear all your doubts today.

Chef Resume Summary

Do you have plenty of experience in your industry?

Then go with the resume summary

A summary statement helps you put across your cheffing experience to make the recruiters’ mouths water. As the seasoning on top, it offers them some of your best achievements using numbers for proof.

Professioanl Chef with 6+ years of hands-on experience in varied cuisines. Possess expertise in a fast-paced kitchen environment. Achieved 5-star culinary satisfaction rating according to national food critic. Seeking to leverage my culinary skills at ABC Restaurant and bring about high customer satisfaction.

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Chef Resume Objective

Not enough experience to your credit?

No worries.

Many commis chef resumes are in the same boat.

Use the resume objective in that case.  

An objective statement gives the restaurant your culinary career goals.

Chef resume example objective-

Diligent sous chef with 2+ years experience in small French restaurant. Obtained highest grades in food safety (100%) tests. Seeking to leverage exceptional culinary skills by growing with the ABC team as the new executive chef.

So, now that all your doubts have been cleared. Reflect upon your experience and add what suits it.

3. Chef Resume Skills

Your Skills are not just to be added in the skills section. But they have to be woven in your entire resume.

Can you prepare the dishes perfectly? How do you go about it? What helps you in your job?

Without wasting any of your time, check out some most relevant skills. Emphasizing these main key skills on your chef resume will give you an edge.

Organizational Skills
-Multi-tasking ability
-Time management skills
-Double Checking other employees
Specific Skills
-What cuisines are you an expert in?
-Menu planning/creation ability
-Ability to increase revenues
Soft Skills
-Communication Skills
-Food safety consciousness
-People Skills
Hard Skills
-Beef Grinder Maintenance and Use
-Knife Skills

4. Chef Experience Section

Just like you make your diners delighted with your cooking. Ensure that the same reaction must from the restaurant manager as they read your chef resume job description.

Here is how to rave about your work experience in ways which create an impression of your perfection.

Chef Resume with Experience:

Have you had chef jobs in your past employment? 

Then there have been no worries.

Simply choose the most relevant chef duties that match the interests of the particular eatery you are applying for. 

Check out the chef resume job description example in the sample resume above.

Basically, you have to ensure that you-

-Highlight your best accomplishments.
-Use action-driven language.
-Add keywords and buzzwords.
-Use not more than 6 bullet points.
-Quantify your experiences.

Chef Resume Without Experience

If you do not have years of experience, consider the following tips.

-Add some volunteer experience.
-Include some internship experience.
-Any relevant leadership experience.

For instance-

Volunteered as a cook at the local homeless shelter for 2 years.

If you do not have any of these, catch either.

5. Chef Education Section

Certifications help enhance the power of your resume. So, if you have any, do state it.

If you think your education section is undercooked, don’t worry.

There are multiple options.

This job is not that specific about degrees. However, if you have any, ensure that you highlight them.

You may include-
-Degree, University, Coursework.
-Extracurricular (relevant)
-Other related activities at college or school.

So, these were some best pieces of advice on chef resume writing. Follow these. Use our free resume samples. Create your perfect resume in a matter of minutes.

We wish you luck with your oncoming job.

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