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writing an actor resume

An actor’s resume which has your professional headshot is your best foot forward.
Acting is a visual talent and how do you put across that talent on paper. How to create the best resume? What to include and what not?
Check out the best actor resume templates below along with expert resume writing tips.

actor resume writing

Read and follow the advice below. To make things easier, you can use our actor resume sample for free and customize it. Here you will learn how to write an actor resume that will land you more auditions. Also, some tips and examples of how to put skills and achievements on your acting resume.

Actor Resume Template Sample

Landing a role in a movie, theatre production or TV show, is a challenging affair. One doesn’t get to Oprah and Ellen that easily.

Well, an actor’s resume is just like a film treatment— If you lull the employer to sleep, you lose. However, if you get it right, you might just win it.

Actor Resume Sample

Latest Actor Resume in Simple Text


111-111-1111 City/State/Zip Code


Passionate actress with over 4+ years of professional experience in commercial, stage and film acting. Highly-energetic and collaborative team player, well-accustomed to the most demanding sets such as Game of Thrones. A prove record of Award-winning theatre performances in Macbeth and Hamlet.



  • Macbeth                    Lady Macbeth        The Growing Stage Theatre, NY.
  • Hamlet                       Ophelia                          XXX Theatre, NY.
  • Hamilton                   Eliza                                       YYY Theatre, NY.


  • Dexter                        Guest Star                  Showtime/ Dir: Tony Goldwyn
  • Revolution                Co-Star                                  NBC/ Dir: John Favreau
  • Early to Bed              Audrey                                  NYU
    Early to Rise


  • Featured in “Film Title,” a Production Company’s Name’s feature film, released in theaters in 2017; played a support role for a strong assemble cast.
  • Played “Anna” in the Film Production Company’s short film: “Film Title.”


  • Show Stopper                        Modeling Company Name, Designer Name


  • British and Australian Accent
  • Singing
  • Dance Forms- Classical, Opera, Contemporary
  • Stand-up
  • Martial Arts


BFA Theatre
from Dallas University
-Starred in four college theatre productions

from Maggie Flanigan Studio, NY.

How To Make Your Actor Resume Stand Out?

You must make your acting resume as professional as it can be. Don’t try and jazz it up. Follow the pieces of advice below and create a resume that outshines in the competitive acting industry.

1. Create A Stellar Actor Resume Summary/Objective

The opening, resume summary or resume objective is important. It tells your casting directors not to flick through other actors’ resumes. Moreover, it sets the stage for what’s coming. The main goal of your resume introduction is to peak the interest of the readers so that they want to know more about you.

A resume summary proves you’re ready for the big break. Those with lots of experience must add it to support their case.

A resume objective on the other hand is perfect to show your passion and commitment, ideal for resume for actors with no experience.

Therefore, in your introduction, you must highlight your most relevant experiences. Include your years of experience and you can quantify wherever possible. Do mention your area of expertise and how you will prove to be an asset for the organization you are applying to.

2. Describe Your Acting Experience

In this section, you’ll list not all but the most relevant acting parts you’ve had. You can group them by Theatre, Film, and Television.

If you have any Web Series credits, you can make a section for that as well.

In each section, you will first list your most recent job first. Follow the reverse chronological order. Don’t ever add the dates you worked on those roles. They are not required.

If you’ve done a lot of work, don’t list everything. For instance, if you’re in your 30’s don’t put the High School plays you performed in.

Most importantly, don’t get too wordy in providing details.

The industry norm is to use columns to list the title, the role played (character’s name), theatre company, and director.
You may list the city and state where the play was produced.

3. Highlight Your Special Skills

As an actor, you must have a sound understanding of what responsibilities come with the role you are applying for.

When writing your resume for acting jobs, make honesty your friend. Casting directors rarely push the actors into proving every skill they mention but beware of a long list of quirky special skills that you can’t execute.

You may present these in graphical form to depict your extent of perfection.

Check out the actor resume sample above for a clearer understanding.

4. Include Your Relevant Education

Basically, here you add your education in filming, theatre or any other relevant field.

To make your acting resume shine brighter, you may list well-known studios, teachers, or coaches with whom you’ve studied. Also, you can include the number of years you trained in a particular area.

5. Attach A Professional Headshot To Your Resume

When you’re auditioning for roles in big markets, you must consider attaching a headshot too.

Photographers in larger markets always stay updated on top of the changing trends.

Recently, the glossy 8×10 borderless close-ups are great.

You want to be really sure of the current requirements and references of casting directors.

And I mean really sure.

Don’t go with a photographer from out of town, your headshot will just seem off and you don’t want to be flagged as a newbie right of the start.

You may staple at all 4 corners or glue. Or you may print your resume on the back of your headshot. Don’t even think about using a paper clip to attach them, they will just end up separated.

Some Quick Tips For Acting Resume

  • It is certainly better to create a single-page resume.
  • Attach a professional headshot.
  • Make it look clean with a lot of white space. Your resume should be easy to read. Opt for a combination or reverse chronological resume format.
  • Don’t try to cram every single role you’ve played.
  • Avoid being too experimental with crazy fonts! Stick to the most professional ones like Times New Roman, Calibri, Corbel or Arial.
  • Make headings on your resume (Name, TV/Film/Theater section, Special Skills section) a different color than black.
  • Never lie on your resume! Lies are easily caught. You surely don’t want to damage your reputation, especially if you are just starting out.
  • If you have an agent or someone who is representing you, you can also put phone number and logo on your resume just below your contact information.
  • Lastly, if you have any awards to your credit. Highlight them in a separate section.

So, follow the above tips and use our free actor resume sample. We wish you luck with your oncoming audition!

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