Best 5 Internal Auditor Resume Examples Free

Tell your recruiter that you are the best candidate for the job by creating an amazing internal auditor resume. This is very simple. All you need to do is tailor your resume. Pick the most relevant responsibilities from the examples below. Add your accomplishments. Follow the guidelines and you will create a perfect job-winning resume in no time.

Internal auditor resume writing

Read on to discover the experts’ advice and the best free Editable resume samples.

Bank Internal Auditor Resume Samples

Given below are the best 5 internal auditor resume examples.

Reviewing a sample is both good for entry-level candidates as well as professionals. You get an idea of how to create or reform your resume.

Bank Internal Auditor Resume Sample

More Resume Samples

Here are some more resume samples for the internal auditor. Choose your favourite one.


Internal Auditor Resume -Simple Text

Here is a simple text version of the resume sample above.

Address, Zipcode • Contact Number • email address

Career Summary

Dedicated internal auditor with 2+ years of experience in developing scope, performing testing, and developing findings under the direction of Internal Audit management. Led fraud investigation audit with the outcome of successful prosecution and recovery of over $60,000.

Professional Experience


Designation-Internal Auditor

Duration- 20XX-Present

  • Assist in developing scope, performing testing, and developing findings following the direction of Internal Audit management.
  • Effectively perform reviews of working papers thereby ensuring accuracy and completion. Assist in clearing any review points provided by audit management.
  • Plan and manage internal audit mandates, including documentation of work performed, and management of costs and time for the mandates.

Education and Credentials

Degree- MBA

Major- Finance

University- XYZ Institute of Management

Internship at ABC Firm in the year 20XX.


  • Establish and maintain strong working relationships with all levels of management.
  • Detail-oriented
  • Financial organizer
  • Sound knowledge of banking software.
  • An excellent communicator with leadership skills.

Tips for Writing A Resume For an Internal Auditor

Once you have chosen your best resume template style, read on to discover some best tips.

1. Begin With an Internal Auditor Resume Summary instead of objective

A career summary focuses on your accomplishments, unlike an objective that lays emphasis on your expectations.

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-Your intro must not exceed 3-4 sentences.
-Lay stress on your financial background, accounting skills, auditing experience, and career goals.
-Add accomplishments from the past that prove you as a perfect candidate.
-Add keywords from the job posting.
-Make use of action verbs in your statements. These leave an impact.


2. Internal Audit Job Description

Auditor accomplishments resume must be created wisely. No matter what position you are applying for, you must never slack in this area.

Follow the tips below to write a perfect internal audit job description.

  • Firstly, begin with your most recent job. Now, go back from there.
  • Place your job title and company name at the top. Then you move on to the dates/tenure.  
  • Next comes your 3–5 bullet points describing auditor job duties.
  • While listing more than two job positions, as you go further back, reduce the number of job bullet points.
  • State only the most relevant audit-related accomplishments. Add numbers instead of words.
  • Begin statements with resume action verbs (e.g., initiatedimplemented, etc.).
  • Target each resume to this one job. No general resumes, because that’s just spam!


3. Internal Audit Resume Skills

If you are a recent graduate or are transitioning from an unrelated profession, you surely lack relevant experience. Therefore, you must focus on key hard skills. Also, mention important soft skills, such as communication and problem-solving.

If you check out the sample above you will find that Remus has successfully created an impressive skills section. , as the internal auditor resume sample shows. Moreover, you can emphasize your academic achievements. Relevant internships are also a plus.

On the other hand, when you are transitioning from a similar field to internal auditing, identify your transferrable skills and experience. This helps makes your resume stand out. It makes the employer immediately realize that you are a suitable candidate for the position.

Here are some skills that can be added-

-Financial Auditing
-Regulatory Compliance
-Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
-Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS)
-Risk Management & Mitigation
-Analytical and organizational skills
-Payroll Taxes
-Income Taxes
-State Taxes
-Federal Taxes
-Communication Skills
-Analytical Skills

4. Action Verbs for Internal Auditor

Action verbs make your resume stand out. These add a confident tone to your resume. So, make sure that you use them in your summary, core competencies, skills, and most importantly, job descriptions. So, choose the most relevant action verbs from the list below.


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5. Resume Keywords for Internal Auditor

The addition of resume keywords is an integral part of any resume. It makes you suitable for the industry.

The place to find keywords is your job posting/advertisement. In addition to this, you can also hunt for keywords on the website of the organization. Add buzzwords. However, avoid jargon. Often the recruiter may not be a pro in your field. So, make sure that your resume is understandable.

In addition to this, you can also add the core competencies section. Here again one can add keywords.

Self-motivation, determination, and confidence.
Ability to divide your time between work and study.
Excellent problem-solving skills.
A keen interest in the financial system.
Ability to work to deadlines, under pressure
Meticulous attention to detail.
A strong aptitude for maths.

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