Best 5 Accountant Resume Samples & Cover Letter

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Resume writing will no more be an issue to worry about. Check and customize our accountant resume sample. These HR-approved resume samples will land more interviews. Also, check out the resume writing tips below to make sure you’re getting the math right on your quest to land employment.

Accountant Resume Samples

Here are the best 5 accountant resume samples that you can use for free. 

Junior Accountant Resume Sample

As an accountant, there are many job opportunities available. The financial sector provides room for an individual with the right skills and education. This resume sample below shows the varied responsibilities this individual has taken on and how they can contribute to a new role.

Senior Accountant Resume Sample

About –

-Here are the senior accountant resume samples.
-They follow the combination resume format.
-These resumes have a creative layout to highlight the various section and make all the more eye-catching.

Accountant Cover Letter

Cover letter examples make it easy to write a good application letter. To make things easier, we have for you an accountant cover letter template.

  • -All you have to do is Save the file. (Absolutely free!)
  • -Change the name. Add your years of experience and position title. Also, mention the field/industry.
  • -Add your contact details and that’s it. It is done!

Moreover, this file can be used as an entry-level accountant cover letter as well as for experienced individuals.

So, waste no time to grab the resume cover letter template and personalize it before sending it to your potential employer.

Cover Letter Sample

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Tips To Write An Accountant Resume

An ideal resume should be different from competitors. Adding general details and being vague ruins your impression. So, here we bring to you some expert advice on how to create a perfect resume. It will land you more interviews.

1. How to write an Accountant Resume Objective?

With a resume for accounting that grabs the recruiter’s attention, a resume summary or a resume objective plays a major role.

A resume summary is great for those with spreadsheets full of experience. A summary shows the best of it in capsule form.

On the other hand, a resume objective is you are a fresher or entry-level candidate. However, this is not fixed or a permanent rule. It will show your drive and passion when you lack experience.

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But most importantly, stuff them with accomplishments.

Check out the samples above.

Here are some guidelines to write a perfect one-

-Add years of experience.
-Use numbers and statistics.
-Add skills.
-Use keywords from the job advertisement.
-Convince the reader how you would prove to be a gem for them.
-Do not make it more than 3-4 statements.

2. Top Accounting Resume Skills

The skills section should be convincing. Do not add too many, for this may look like you are bragging. So, add the most relevant and important skills to your resume.

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Moreover, the skills section is not the only place for skills. You can add your skills to the summary, job description, core competencies in addition to the skills section.

Here are some accounting resume skills that you can add-

  1. Payroll
  2. IT Skills
  3. Asset Management
  4. Payroll Taxes
  5. Revenue Projections
  6. Account Reconciliation
  7. Collections
  8. Financial Statements
  9. Mathematics
  10. Quickbooks
  11. Paychex
  12. Invoices
  13. Income Tax
  14. Tax returns

Some Soft skills for an accountant-

  1. Critical Thinking
  2. Business Knowledge
  3. Organization
  4. Adaptability
  5. Time Management
  6. Analytical Thinking
  7. Leadership
  8. Detail Oriented
  9. Attention to Detail

3. How to write the Accountant job description?

This section seeks your proper attention. Do not just waste it. Add things that make you stand out.

For this, you must-

-First of all, read the job ad carefully. Now, highlight any qualities they are looking for.
-Next, you scan your past for accomplishments that can prove those qualities.
-Finally, you cast them in bullet points. Follow the reverse chronological order.

Always remember to use the same terms that they have used in the job ad. These may act as keywords.

Add resume action verbs to your bullet points. This helps makes your resume effective.

The resume sample above illustrates a perfect description section.

4. The Education Section

Well for experienced individuals it can occupy any corner. It does not have to be eye-catching as you have other things to highlight.

However, a fresher or an entry-level accountant must opt for tricks that attract the attention of the reader to this section.

Here are some tips to write your education section perfectly.

Begin with:

  • College Name and Location
  • Years in School
  • Degree

Then you move on to academic achievements. The GPA should be added only when it is impressive enough (Above 3.5).

You can also mention extracurricular achievements, club associations, etc.

5. Other Sections To Add To Your Resume

You can also add a few extra sections to your resume. These will help make your resume unique.

You can add Certifications.

The CPA & CMA certifications add extra seasoning to your resume. Certifications look great on accounting intern resumes.

Furthermore, you can create Additional Activities Section

Here you can list your memberships and volunteer experiences. Make sure that these things enhance your personality in some way or the other. Adding irrelevant details is just not appreciated.

You also add Publications.

Other” sections are especially helpful for accounting assistant resumes. Associations with groups are great on resumes.

Lastly, check the document for errors. You must proofread. Take help from family and colleagues. Recruiters have zero tolerance for errors.

Most applicants write this kind of accounting cover letter:

“Dear hiring manager. I’m good at accounting. Please read my accounting resume.”

So, do not write that cover letter.

Instead, make it passionate and persuasive.

Firstly, use the hiring manager’s name.

Next, show you understand their challenge.

And then prove how you can fill the position well.

I repeat. Do not restate your resume. Add relevant details in a concise way.

Do not forget the contact details. They are a must on cover letters.

So, follow the tips above. Use our free samples. Create a resume that outshines. We wish you luck with your oncoming job!

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