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housekeeping resume writing

Here we bring to you the best tips from experts to write a perfect janitorial resume that will land you more interviews. So, follow the tips, incorporate the right sections on your resume and you will make it to your dream job. Do not miss out on the entry-level housekeeping resume samples as well as experienced resume samples for reference.

housekeeping resume writing

Best 3 Janitor Resume/
Housekeeping Resume Samples

Check out the janitor resume samples. These will give you a perfect idea on how to write a janitor resume. To make things easier, you can also use the sample for free and use it as a janitor resume template.

-This is an entry-level janitor resume sample.
-The following cleaning staff resume sample follows the functional resume format style.

Housekeeping resume sample

Hospital Janitor Resume

Sample Hospital janitor Resume
hospital janitor resume

Head Custodian Resume

Lead Custodian Resume pdf
lead custodian resume

How to write a Janitor/ Housekeeping Resume?

Follow the guidelines below to write a perfect janitor resume that wins almost any job interview.

1. Write a Stellar Janitor Resume Objective/ Housekeeping Resume Summary

Here are some Janitor and Cleaners’ Resume Objectives. You can customize and use them in your resume. Resume objectives are best for freshers and entry-level candidates.

Janitor Resume Samples Objective– 

Energetic and passionate professional with 2+ years of experience seeking a full-time janitorial position. Looking forward to utilizing my proven skills and knowledge to ensure a safe and, healthy environment for your patrons. Dedicated employee with a strong work ethic with fastidious attention to details.

Some more Housekeeping Resume Objective examples-

Seeking a custodian position as a Janitor with XXX company to employ hard work and give attention to details in order to maintain cleanliness.

On the other hand, experienced individuals must opt for a Resume summary.

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Here are some Housekeeping Resume Summary examples-

Dedicated head custodian with 5+ years of experience in managing the housekeeping department. A proven record of reducing accidents by 15% by recognizing and working on high risk areas. Aim at leveraging my to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

Note– Do not miss out the keywords. You will find the most relevant housekeeping resume keywords in the job advertisement.

2. Highlight Your Relevant Experience

Before we move on to writing a perfect experience section, here are a few important things to consider.

Janitorial Duties and responsibilities

-Carry out heavy cleaning duties, such as cleaning floors, shampooing rugs, washing glass, window panes, walls and glass, and removing the rubbish.
-Keep buildings and surroundings in a clean and orderly condition.
-Duties may also include tending the boiler/furnace as well as performing routine maintenance activities.
-Notifying management of repairs and requirements.

Tips for Housekeeping Resume Experience Section

  • As an entry-level janitor candidate, you can include any part-time jobs or volunteer work. Any activity that you feel developed the required skills in you can be a part of your experience section.
  • Moreover, try to quantify your experience. This helps the recruiter more easily understand your abilities and trust you with the level of responsibilities.
  • Remember that the best resumes are achievement-oriented.
  • Therefore, not just describe the duties you performed but stress how well you performed them.
    • For instance-Decreased 15% of accidents in the last six months by working closely with the management staff to identify the high-risk areas as well as install new safety measures.
  • Also, let the hiring manager know the size of the organization you worked in.
  • While quantifying accomplishments, add details like % efficiency increase, and % of customer satisfaction increase. These will help your resume outshine.

3. Entry-level Candidates can begin with Education

  • When you do not have much relevant experience, it is wise to begin an entry-level resume with the “Education” section towards the top.
  • Although, entry-level janitorial positions do not have a higher-level education requirement. Still, a more educated candidate is likely to get preferred and thus interviewed.

This industry requires no specific degrees. Mostly, janitors receive training on the job. However, if you have any relevant experience during your education, do mention it.


-BSCAI Certificate
-CBSE Certificate
-RBSM certificate also offered by BSCAI

These are a few ideal certifications for a housekeeping job.


4. Add Skills That Are Eye-Catching

As already stated above, housekeeping jobs will mostly provide training on the job.

Still, if you possess skills with hand and power tools or can do repairs for plumbing/electrical, you are a perfect candidate for any janitor position.

Some more skills that make great additions are-

-Maintenance-oriented skills
-language details.
-Soft skills
-Communication skills
-Accounting skills
-Attention to detail. This is critical for excelling in the cleaning industry.
-Work ethic. Ability to work autonomously.
-Health and safety principles.
-Leadership skills

Your resume should be a mixture of soft and hard skills. Highlight janitorial skills.

5. Attach a cover letter to your application

Well, attaching a proper customized cover letter to your application enhances the power. Although ATS does not scan a cover letter, you must add keywords from the job ad to it.

2. Cover letter template

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So, follow these housekeeping resume tips. Use our free downloadable templates and build an excellent janitor resume. We wish you all the best with your oncoming job!

Do share your thoughts and views in the comment section below.

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