47+ Most Profitable Skills To Learn & Add To Resume

most profitable skills to learn

One of the best ways to utilize your spare time is to grab some most profitable skills. Here at Wantcv we have put together this list of the most profitable skills to learn.

Most Profitable Skills To Learn

Check out the websites that can teach you new skills and abilities for free.

The secret to never-ending success is the ability to consistently learn new skills. Most successful people make the commitment to dedicate their spare time to the pursuit of learning.

There are countless things you can learn in your spare time. The following list presents you with 50 valuable skills to learn that will improve your life — both personally and professionally. Add the most relevant ones to your resume.

Most Profitable Skills To Learn

In the following article, you will come across the following skills-

  1. Computer Skills
  2. Online University Courses
  3. Language
  4. Cooking
  5. Miscellaneous

1. Computer Skills To Learn

In today’s tech-savvy world, computer skills are valued in every industry. So, grab a few technical skills that suit your industry and learn them.

Here is a list of websites that can help you learn some best skills. Learn how to program, work with alternative operating systems, write code, etc with these helpful websites.

  1. D Zone
  2. Free Technology Academy
  3. Developing for Android
  4. Bloc: How to program
  5. Learn about Linux
  6. Lynda.com
  7. ORACLE’s Java Tutorials
  8. Nettuts – Web development tutorials
  9. University of Washington CSE
  10. FHDA Community College Intro to Java Course
  11. Stack Overflow (Question and Answer Site)
  12. Free interactive tutorials at Codeacademy.
  13. Web Building Tutorials

Furthermore, these days, cloud computing is in trend.

Amongst the most popular cloud-based services is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

So, to support this trend, there is a huge demand for people with cloud computing and SaaS knowledge.

14. ALISON.com offers a free introductory course to cloud computing.

2. Best Online University Courses

Sitting back home? Follow these best online university courses and make the best out of your free time.

Here is a list of Universities that share their study materials openly and freely for all. This supports classroom instruction and gives all individuals access to an excellent education.

Some University websites provide better study content than others in specific areas of study. So, depending upon your interest, you need to first conduct some research prior to choosing one of these links.

15. Harvard
16. Johns Hopkins
17. Open Course Ware Finder Berkeley Part 1
18. Berkeley Part 2 (videos)
19. Carnegie Mellon
20. MIT Lectures
21. Rice – Connexions
22. Open Course Ware Consortium
23. Stanford Courses
24. University of New South Wales
25. University of the People
26. P2P University Utah State
27. Yale Videos

3. Language Skills

Bilingual ability is a very strong addition to any resume. So, get started learning today!

Learning a new foreign language can result in a number of amazing results in your life.

28. Languages from BBC
29. Duolingo: Learn a language for free and translate the web
30. LiveMocha
31. Talk To Me In Korean: Lessons on speaking Korean

4. Cooking Skills

Cooking Skills will work wonders on your chef resume or even in other resumes in the “interest” section. Having the skill of cooking well will help you out for your entire life. Here are some good sites that can be of great help.

32. Cooking Coarse
33. Good Eats

5. Miscellaneous

34. Let’s Make Robots
35. Make Magazine
36. The Math Motherload
37. Western Civilization
38. Yoga
39. Photography
40. Guitar Neck Quiz
41. Music Theory – Trainear.com
42. Music Theory – MusicTheory.net
43. Piano Lessons
44. Google Books
45. Cosmo Learning
46. Freelance-Teacher
47. Youtube Edu
48. Self Defence

How To Add Skills To Your Resume

Here we have summarized some key tips to adding skills on your resume.

Tailoring the skills section of your resume is the most essential part.

When you do so, the information included matches the skills mentioned in the job advertisement. Moreover, you can efficiently weave in your skills in the experience section. Even while describing the tasks and responsibilities of your previous roles, highlight your skills.

The keyword skills i.e. the relevant skills mentioned in the job ad, when included in your resume and CVs help your job application materials get selected by applicant tracking systems ATS.

You can create a separate skills section or core competencies section to highlight the most relevant skills.

So, these were some most profitable skills to learn for free. You must go in for the ones that are relevant to the position you are applying for.

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