46 Eye-Catching Resume Format samples for Free!

resume format download free

Bored of those dull, monotonous simple resume formats? Looking for an eye-catching resume? A resume that makes you stand out amongst your competitors.
Find out the best resume format.

A Resume Template is extremely helpful when it comes to resume writing.

resume format download free

Resume experts suggest that you must consider resume format samples whenever you are applying for a job, volunteering, internship, or even an educational course.

Not just those with a lack of experience but also experience holders will find it worthwhile to review resume format samples.

Best Resume Format for Free

So, here you will come across some amazing resume designs. You can Use these for free. Just ensure that you customize these resumes to match your job position and organization. Scroll down for tips from resume experts.


Resume Dos and Don’ts That You Must Follow

How To Make Your Resume Stand Out?
Resume Writing Tips

1. Optimize The Length Of Your Resume

The length of a resume has always been a topic of discussion. To clear all your doubts here we tell the ideal length of your resume.

Firstly, you must try to keep it a single-page resume.


The main reason is that most of the employers just scan your resume for a few seconds. So, the second page is most likely to get unnoticed.

Therefore, the following candidates must always go for a single page resume-
-career changers
-entry-level candidates
-as well as those with experience less than 10 years.

However, if you have 10+ years of relevant experience, credentials, certifications, you can go to the second page.

To read in detail about resume length, How Long Should A Resume Be? Resume Experts’ Advice

2. Customize your Resume

A customized resume stands out in any industry. While a resume that you use for each and every job fails to impress the reader.

Follow the tips below to create a targeted resume-

-Firstly, begin from the very start of your resume- objective/ summary In your resume introduction you must use -keywords from the job description and a few buzzwords and skills related to your industry and position.
-Include the name of the company you are applying for.
-You can also mention the position title in your resume introduction.
-All through your resume i.e. in your experience section, education, as well as skills section, you must add keywords and incorporate the requirements of the job position.

3. Optimize Your Resume For ATS

ATS Optimization is a must for any resume. All your efforts would go in vain when you fail to optimize your resume for ATS.

Click on the link below, to discover in detail the various important steps in ATS optimization.

What is ATS? Best 7 Tips To Make ATS Resume

Keep in mind the following points-

  1. Single page length. You should go for 2 pages only when you have 10+ years of relevant experience as mentioned above. Secondly, you really, really believe that it’ll add significant value, else the HR managers not going to spend their valuable time reading your life story!
  2. Section headings. Pick a heading and ensure that you use it for all the section headers. While using any of our resume templates above, you need not worry about the formatting.
  3. Plenty of white-space- make sure you add plenty of white space, especially around the margins.
  4. Easy-to-read font- Use a professional font style. For example- Times Roman, Calibri, Arial, Corbel. Do not use comic sans or other fancy fonts. Opt for 11 – 12 point size for normal text, and 14 – 16 pt for section titles.
  5. Submit the pdf/ Doc/ Docx file of your document.
  6. Make sure you remove the section headings that you don’t want to add.
  7. Be careful about your contact information. At times you may not be invited for an interview because they fail to reach you due to faulty contact information.
  8. Quantify your experiences. The addition of numbers to your resume creates a more promising impact on your reader. Moreover, it gives a better idea of your capabilities.

So, follow the above tips. Use our free resume format for free. Send out your stellar applications. We wish you luck with your oncoming job interview!

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