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Every time you hunt for resume writing advice or sample resumes, you come across a great deal of discussion on the topic of incorporating keywords into your resume. What are resume keywords? What is the purpose? How do you know which keywords to use? Get answers below. Also, here we have a list of 40+ Keywords for Teacher’s resumes / CVs. Of course, you do not have to include 40 words. However, choose the most relevant ones.

Keywords for Teacher Resume

Read on to discover what all keywords will help you win your dream teaching job, when to add them and when not.

What Are Resume Keywords?

Keywords are descriptors of certain attributes and skills that any industry typically uses to describe themselves and others in the profession. These descriptor words when included in your resume act as keywords.

No matter if you email your resume to a school that places the document into a database for screening, or you post your resume, all resumes are scanned for keywords. These are also known as buzzwords.

This method of screening speeds up the process for the recruiter but can hinder your job search. So, if you miss out on the important keywords, your potent application may get neglected. Whether you oppose or support this method of screening, it is nevertheless a reality today. Surveys suggest that 75% of employers use ATS Screening. Therefore it is critical to a successful job search that you incorporate keywords into your documents both the resume and cover letter.

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Where can you find keywords?

When creating a list of keywords for your resume and letter, put yourself in the position of an employer. Ask yourself what words or phrases would a hiring manager look for in a successful candidate for the position you are applying for. 

Here we have a list of keywords for teacher resumes. Sort out the best ones for your application. Some effective teaching skills also act as teachers’ resume buzzwords.

  1. For more specific keywords, scan the job posting/advertisement. Typically, the better your resume matches the job posting requirements, the higher you’ll rank in the ATS.
  2. Dictionary of Occupational Titles (occupationalinfo.org)
  3. Occupational Outlook Handbook (http://bls.gov/ooh/)

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List of Keywords for Teacher Resume

Check the list of keywords for the teacher’s resume. Incorporate the most relevant ones in your education resume/CV.

  1. Effective Teaching Skills
  2. Community Relations
  3. Multicultural Awareness
  4. Process Improvement
  5. Program Management
  6. Strategic Planning & Leadership
  7. Individualized Educational Plans
  8. Academic Goals & Standards
  9. Parent/Teacher Liaison
  10. Extracurricular Direction
  11. Student-Centred Instruction
  12. Discipline Management
  13. Positive Learning Environment
  14. Teamwork
  15. Passion for education
  16. All-rounder
  17. Dynamic
  18. Hard-working and diligent
  19. Problem-solving skills
  20. Critical Thinking
  21. Analytical Thinking
  22. Data-Driven Analysis
  23. Demonstrated sound work-ethics
  24. Self-motivation
  25. Excellent communication skills both written and verbal
  26. Curriculum development
  27. Inclusive classroom
  28. Growth mindset
  29. Differentiated instruction
  30. Student-guided learning

Some Technical Skills

31. Technology Integration
32. Coding
33. Digital literacy
34. Embedding technology
35. Programming languages.
36. Common operating systems.
37. Software proficiency.
38. Technical writing.
39. Project management.
40. Data analysis
41. Adept in MS Office Package
42. Gradekeeping software
43. Information technology

So, these were some keywords for the teacher’s resume. Incorporate them to create a well-customized resume.

How to Add Keywords To Your Resume?

Now that you have gone through the list above, let’s know more about how to include them in your resume.

Teacher Resume Summary

Firstly, you must add a few keywords in your resume objective or resume summary. Up at the top of your resume, just below the basic name, address, and information section, you should include a two-three sentence section. This tells the employer what you’re looking for and why you are looking for it. Moreover, you elaborate on what you have to offer.

For instance, here is a resume summary for a preschool teacher.

Hard-working and self-motivated preschool teacher with 6+ years of teaching experience. Adept in classroom management and developing individualized educational planning. Seeking a preschool teacher position wherein my exceptional communication and problem-solving skills can help foster students’ growth

The words in bold are all keywords. So, in a similar manner create your own resume objectives/summaries.

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Teacher Job Descriptions

Next, you can add keywords to your job descriptions. So, in your bullet points under the work experience section, add keywords that make your resume outshine.

For example- The job description for a teacher

Met parents and school administration; maintain discipline in the classroom; simplify lesson plans in line with curriculum objectives and assist students in exam preparations in a 2,700+ student school”

Here again, the words in bold are keywords. These help a recruiter immediately acknowledge that you are a suitable match for them.

Furthermore, if you notice the above sample job description, you will see that the candidate has quantified details. You must quantify wherever possible. This makes your resume outshine. Moreover, the employer gets a better idea of your capabilities.

Teacher Skills Section

In the skills section, you must add both soft and hard skills. Certain technical skills are also great for resumes. Review the samples above for a better understanding. However, make sure that they are relevant. Moreover, you should never lie or brag about your abilities on your resume.

In addition to this, you can also add the core competencies section. Here again one can add keywords.

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We wish you luck with your oncoming job interview! Do share your thoughts below.

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