150+ Resume Strong Action Verbs To Include

writing a resume using resume strong action verbs

Supervised, led, handled, managed. Our statements often begin with these words. When writing a resume, your language matters a lot. You must avoid weak and passive verbs. Instead, use resume strong action verbs. Staying away from business jargon or clichés is advisable. A faulty word choice may undermine the strength of your resume. So, ensure that you use powerful action verbs. Moreover, you must avoid overusing the same verbs.

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resume strong action verbs

Here we bring to you 150+ strong action verbs that will help you create powerful resumes. So, keep scrolling down. You will find a good collection.

What are Action Verbs?

An action verb is a verb that describes a mental or physical activity. They describe what an individual is doing-physically or mentally. 

When stating your duties or accomplishments, you use these words. These verbs add a confident tone to your resume. They are basically of two types-

Weak Action Verbs- assisted, helped, etc.
Strong Action Verbs– Supervised, led, managed, etc.

One must avoid using strong verbs. On the contrary, use strong action verbs.

What is the importance of Resume Strong Action Verbs?

Using strong action verbs depicts that you are a potential candidate. They portray you as an empowered candidate. When you combine these with certain numbers and statistics, it further enhances your power. So, use them throughout your resume. For instance, in summary, work history as well as the skills section.

150+ Resume Strong Action Verbs To Make Your Resume Outshine

It is time to replace some common words and phrases with strong, compelling action verbs. These will surely catch the hiring managers’ eyes.

It does not matter what duty or accomplishment you are stating in your resume. Using these resume strong action verbs, you will stand out from the crowd. Find out the list below. Gear up to make your resume way more exciting.

When You led Any Project

When you took charge of things and supervised it, try using these words to add some power to your resume.

  1. Controlled
  2. Chaired
  3. Headed
  4. Executed
  5. Conducted
  6. Guided
  7. Steered
  8. Escorted
  9. Planned
  10. Oversaw
  11. Coordinated
  12. Operated
  13. Orchestrated
  14. Programmed
  15. Produced
  16. Drove

When You Initiated Any Project

When you actually envisioned a project or action, use the resume action verbs below.

17. Created
18. Designed
19. Developed
20. Engineered
21. Devised
22. Initiated
23. Founded
24. Established
25. Launched
26. Constructed
27. Formed
28. Formulated
29. Implemented
30. Pioneered
31. Spearheaded
32. Endowed

When You Enhanced The Sales Or Profitability

33. Increased
34. Enhanced
35. Achieved
36. Advanced
37. Accelerated
38. Capitalized
39. Boosted
40. Amplified
41. Delivered
42. Gained
43. Expedited
44. Generated
45. Improved
46. Stimulated
47. Maximized
48. Outpaced
49. Elevated
50. Escalated

When You Managed A System

If you held a manager’s position, you can use these verbs as they strongly describe your authoritative powers. So, scroll down and grab some good ones. Include them in your perfect resume.

51. Managed
52. Directed
53. Enabled
54. Fostered
55. Inspired
56. Recruited
57. Hired
58. Centralized
59. Augmented
60. Integrated
61. Optimized
62. Renovated
63. Leveraged
64. Resolved
65. Forwarded
66. Handled
67. Enforced
68. Ensured
69. Fostered
70. Forecasted

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For Good Communication Skills

Are you a good communicator? Weel, every industry looks for such a candidate. Make sure that you translate this quality of yours well on your resume.

71. Briefed
72. Composed
73. Convinced
74. Counseled
75. Documented
76. Persuaded
77. Instructed
78. Trained
79. Reviewed
80. Presented
81. Spoke

For Demonstrating Good Creative Skills

Creativity is a virtue worth to possess. It valued and rewarded. So, make sure you add a touch of creativity to your resume. Use the resume strong action verbs from the list below.

81. Brainstormed
82. Published
83. Proofread
84. Researched
85. Strategized
86. Drafted
87. Diagrammed
88. Translated
89. Visualized
90. Conceptualized
91. Designed
92. Derived
93. Plotted
94. Sketched
95. Drew
96. Depicted
97. Modeled
98. Imagined
99. Illustrated
100. Delineated

When You Researched

Research skills are rare. Theses are valued in several industries. Moreover, scientific industries are always in search of such candidates. Therefore, you must add these to make your resume outshine.

101. Advanced
102. Automated
103. Audited
104. Assembled
105. Architected
106. Calculated
107. Evaluated
108. Forecasted
109. Examined
110. Mapped
111. Explored
112. Tested
113. Identified
114. Interpreted
115. Measured
116. Investigated
117. Qualified
118. Surveyed

When You Accomplished Something

If you have accomplished something in the past, highlight it on your resume. Use the write words that have an impact on the reader. Here is a list of some good verbs.

119. Built
120. Demonstrated
121. Achieved
122. Accomplished
123. Accelerated
124. Analyzed
125. Assembled
126. Produced
127. Increased
128. Initiated
129. Improved
130. Reached

When You Were At A Sales Position

A sales position requires special skills. Patience and perseverance play a major role. Highlight your communication and convincing powers using the right verbs. Your choice of words plays a critical role.

131. Negotiated
132. Won
133. Converted
134. Maximized
135. Generated
136. Captured
137. Earned
138. Conserved
139. Converted
140. Amplified

When You Held A Financial Position

Analyzing the profits and losses, this position again has a lot to accomplish. When you are talented and possess a strong work history, make it stronger by using words from the list below.

141. Classified
142. Collected
143. Recognized
144. Minimized
145. Maintained
146. Halted
147. Dispensed
148. Secured
149. Audited
150. Equalized
151. Surveyed
152. Examined

So, these were some resume strong action verbs. When you include these, your resume will surely have more power. Create an engaging resume. Win any job using our tips and experts’ advice. Stay connected to wantcv.com.

If you have any queries comment below. We look forward to hearing from you. Our team wishes you luck with your oncoming job.
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